Is soccer more fun than surfing?

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it matters what you like. Surfing, I would say, would be harder to learn (not saying that soccer isn't hard- but it's easy to understand). if you're dedicated, like the ocean, and have a lot of time, why not surf?

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Q: Is soccer more fun than surfing?
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What is the most fun thing to do in the world?

Some fun things to do are maybe: surfing,swimming,sports such as soccer/basketball/baseball.

Is football a better sport than soccer?

no because soccer is more fun and more excercise and it takes more skill to play soccer. football is all about brute strength.

Is soccer more awesome than American football?

Yes, definitely! Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, more people watch it than anything else. Nothing else compares to amount of fun in soccer. So to answer your question, YES, soccer is a lot more awesome than American football!

Is surfing fun?

yes its fun but its really hard

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surfing is a fun alternative where your mouse pointer gets on a little surf board and rides the web, hope this helps

What is the difference between soccer in the 1940s and soccer of now?

Soccer in the 1940s was Bord but now thre's more fun. "And better soccer balls".

What is a mirror wave in surfing?

You Do This By Getting A Mirror, And Surfing On It. It Is A Fun Hobby For Mages And Devils

What do chileans like to do for fun?

The cueca is a popular Chilean folk dance. Favorite sports in Chile include football (soccer), skiing, chueca, rodeo, and surfing.

What are fun activities to do at Bryce Canyon?

Rock climbing, abseiling, wind surfing, paragliding and many more

Is soccer fun to watch?

Yes it is fun to watch but its more fun to play and if u do you`ll see why it is the greatest sport in the world

Why do people enjoy surfing?

Because it's fun.

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Both but money should not involve a player being sold for more than 40 million

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