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Q: Is soccer more expensive than cheer leading?
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Is cheer-leading more dangerous than soccer?

no because im a cheer leader and soccer player

Should you do cheer leading or cross country?

Cheer leading trust me. It's way more fun I had the same problem and cheer leading is the best choice. And I got in better shape and lost more weight believe it or not

What is a officer for cheer leading?

I need to get more strength and be more stronger.

What is more expensive soccer or baseball?

Soccer, more gear to buy

Which do you get stronger in cheer or soccer?

Soccer. Continuously exercising every muscle in your body (soccer) is a more effective way of building muscle mass than sporadically exercising a few muscles in shorter intense bursts (cheer).

What pecent of people like gymnastics more than cheer-leading?

100 %

What ages can be cheerleaders?

Any ages can be cheerleaders from 3-100 there are a lot of different cheer leading teams, some are open, some are school teams. Cheer leading isn't just a "give me a A" and all that stuff. Cheer leading is so much more. It is so fun you cheer, you dance, you stunt and tumble when you are on great cheerleading teams.

Is cheerleading an official sport?

Yes, Cheer leading is an official sport.... most people take it for granted, though cheer leading is more athletic than most athletically required sports.

What sport is more expensive soccer or basketball and which one has more budgetl?

Basketball is more expensive and soccer has more budget, the NBA is in a lockout right now due to budget impacts

How many cheerleaders can a cheer-leading squad hold?

As many as you can get. The more people you have the more stunt groups you can have and the more points you can score.

Why are lines important in cheer leading?

for a routien u need straight lines so u get more points on compitishion

Are there more than just spotters in cheer leading?

Yes, there are flyers...a.k.a. the girls that fly in the air doing tricks.

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