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Yes, (providing you are playing and not just watching).

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Q: Is soccer is good exercise
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Why is soccer good form of exercise?

because your active

Which is good evidence for the claim that soccer is good exercise?

A magazine article explaining how to use soccer to get in shape.

Are soccer camps good exercise for someone overweight?

Soccer Camps are great exercise for someone who is overweight. Soccer is a very active sport in which you are always moving and running. The only position that doesn't really get any exercise is the goalie.

Why is soccer the best sport in the world?

it is really fun and is good exercise

What are the benefits children receive when playing soccer?

Exercise, teamwork, exercise, hand ey coordination, & exercise. Any sport is good for children.

What is the purpose of soccer?

To exercise your leg muscles, stay fit and have a good time.

Is soccer exercise?


Is soccer an exercise?


What are the benefits of starting the soccer at the age of 9?

At 9 years old you can become a good soccer player.

Which is the odd one out badminton basketball exercise soccer?


Which is the odd one out of exercise soccer badminton basketball?


The type of exercise you get while playing soccer?

soccer is great cardiovascular exercise because it involves lots of running

Is soccer good for you?

Soccer is generally a very active sport. Depending on your position, you may get lots of cardio exercise. For example, forwards and midfielders usually get a lot of cardio exercise since they're constantly running after the ball.

Why should you start playing soccer?


Why was soccer made?

probably for fun and exercise

Why do you play soccer with your feet?

i play soccer with my feet because it is part of body exercise

Do helium soccer balls give more exercise than normal soccer balls?


How do you exercise without a trampoline?

There are lots of ways to exercise. You can walk,play tennis,swim,soccer,aerobic exercise, play with your dog,play tag with your kids,play basketball,jog,dancing. Stretching, your body is also good.

Is playing soccer exerciseing?

Of course. Exercise is when you get your body moving.

Is Soccer is a good? is a sport.

Is South Korea good at soccer?

Korea is not good at soccer

Why did they play soccer?

They played soccer because it was fun, athletic, creative, and alot of exercise soccer is an amazing sport that everyone should try.

Is soccer an anaerobic exercise?

no it is AN aerobic exercise because an aerobic exercise is any medium to extreme physical movement for 15 minutes or more

Why soccer good for you?

Because it's exercise, duh.You run down the field and kick. You think it's not good for you? As obese as America is now, people need sports like that. :)

What is the soccer unoform?

the soccer uniform is what you wear when you play soccer, exercise shorts/ soccer shorts,team jersey, soccer socks/ socks that come up to knees, shinguards(protect your shin), and cleats(soccer shoes)