Is soccer an anaerobic activity

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no, it is an aerobic activity, which is being active for a long period of time. of course anaerobic is the oppisite. being active for a short period of time as in football or basebal.

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Q: Is soccer an anaerobic activity
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Is soccer an anaerobic or an aerobic activity?

aerobic activity

What activity is activity without oxygen?

"anaerobic" activity is activity without oxygen.

Is tennis an anaerobic activity?


When does an activity become anaerobic-?

An activity or exercise is anaerobic if it is intense enough to trigger lactic acid production.

What activity which causes oxygen deficit is known as what type of activity?


Sports that use the anaerobic energy system?

Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer are all examples of anaerobic sports.

What are examples of aerobic and anaerobic reaction?

Fermentation is anaerobic. Vinegar is produced by aerobic activity using the same process.

Is streptococci anaerobic?

No it is not. It has the ability to tolerate oxygen in the absence of catalase activity. Thus, streptococci can not be classified as an anaerobic organism.

How do you measure Anaerobic Microbial activity in soil?

You can measure Anaerobic Microbial activity in soil using Long term stand alone soil flux systems and isotope methods.

What do you mean by arobic activity?

Aerobic activity refers to any activity that involves the use of oxygen. The absence of oxygen would be referred to as anaerobic activity.

What type of sports are Aerobic and Anaerobic?

Aerobic: Swimming, soccer, tennis, skiing, basketball, volleyball, and bicycling are examples of aerobic sports. Walking, jogging, and dancing. Anaerobic: Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer

Is gymnastics anaerobic or aerobic?

well anaerobic doesnt use oxygen and aerobic uses oxygen and gymnastics is a sport so that question doesnt even make sense

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