Is soccer a talent

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no the only thing that is talent is controlling the paste or your hustle.

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Q: Is soccer a talent
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Is soccer a talent or it is just about practice?

Soccer can be both a talent and can be perfected with practice. Some people are 'born' with soccer skills, but most anyone can become a talented player with practice and dedication.

Why did Ronaldo start playing soccer?

c.ronaldo started to play soccer because it was his talent

What was Bob Marley talent?

he also was a great soccer player

How do i get sponsored for soccer?

You get sponsored for soccer by going and trying out for select or getting a talent scout to come see you.

How far do you think a kid can kick a soccer ball?

Depends on how good the kid is. Soccer is about skill and talent...not age.

Who is a famous soccer player from Lebanon?

A famous soccer player from Lebanon is Rida Anter. Currently, he plays in German soccer team after his famous talent.

Is it easy to get in to pro soccer?

Not at all. It takes a lot of practice, hard work and talent.

What should your grades be to be a soccer player?

Soccer is not some stupid clerical job. It is a highly dynamic game and sport! One doesnt need grades, but talent and ability to be a soccer player.

What is an easy talent to learn?

Rapping juggling poem skateboarding freestyle soccer eating ice cream

How do you become one of the best soccer players?

You practice like crazy as often as you can. Talent helps too.

What do soccer talent scouts look towards a soccer player?

talent scouts look for how well you can work with your teammates, ball control, accuracy, and speed. Skill and athleticism are top attributes to look for because these are unteachable things. Instincts, vision, and positioning are things that are gained with player experience.

Why soccer is better than american football?

The fact is that football is an infinitely better game than soccer. Period. Football requires a much wider range of physical talent and a broader.

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