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no not just for small people any size i guess could do snow skiing if they wanted to.

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Q: Is snow skiing a little man sport?
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What you do in snow?

Play in it! Make snow angels, make a snow man, go sledding or snowboarding. You could have a snowball fight or build a fort or go skiing.

What can a snow man smell?

little boys

If a man reads in the paper a woman is killed in Sweden in a skiing accident why did he call the police?

it doent snow in Sweden

How did the sport skiing originate?

Skiing started as a means of transportation. By it's most basic definition of riding across ground on two sticks, evidence suggests Cro-Magnon man skied. It continued to be used for utilitarian purposes for a long time. Recreational skiing, or the sport of skiing, started developing when the Norwegians held competitions within their military. As civilians became enthralled with the sport, downhill skiing became more popular than the usual cross country skiing. The 1924 Olympics helped with skiing's popularity, and the invention of the chair lift in 1936 increased participation vastly.

What is poor man's fertilizer?

Well, "poor man's fertilizer" is like a little farming joke. People say that snow is a poor man's fertilizer, because the snow fertilizes the ground, so if you are a poor man, you don't have to buy fertilizer.

How can you stop a snow man from melting?

you can put salt on it or you can make a little one and put it in the freezer

What Are Skiing Moguls?

Moguls are man made bumps on the hill. Skiing moguls properly requires proper technique

What was the first sport that man competed in?

running was the first sport man competed in.

What does abominable snowman mean?

the abominable snow man i a yeti ,but abominable means disturbing and nasty and snow man means man made out of snow

Who made the sport of basketball?

The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man. The sport basketball was invented by a Canadian man.

What is the duration of Man's Favorite Sport?

The duration of Man's Favorite Sport? is 2 hours.

What is a name for a sport that is to risky?

a bad man sport

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