Is skateboarding better than bmx

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Both can be very fun.

Skateboarding might be a little harder for beginners, but it's awesome when you get the hang of it.

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Q: Is skateboarding better than bmx
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Is bmx better than skateboarding?


Why is skateboarding better then bmx?

because you can do more tricks and there are gurrd skateparks

What are the differences between bmxing and skateboarding?

Bmx is riding a bike usually a Bmx bike while skateboarding is riding on a piece of wood with wheels.

Which extreme sport is better skateboarding or bmx?

It is based on personal opinion and ability:It's skateboarding, the best extreme sport in the world and it will always be!Skateboarding is the best. BMX is fun but not near as popular and is hundreds of dollars more expensiveSkating is 20 times better.BMX is way better, the only reason anyone likes skateboarding is because they are too afraid to ride BMX.

Is a sapient bmx bike better than a hyper bmx bike?

A hyper is better

Is skateboarding better than bicycling?


Are ruption bmx bikes better quality than you the people bmx bikes?

ruption bmx bikes are good but we the people are just a little bit better

Which is more dangerous skateboarding or bmx?

Skateboarding is a lot more dangerous because when you fall there is nothing to hold you up or help you keep balance. On a bike, you could get hurt but you have a better risk of catching yourself.

What does Tony Hawk do besides skateboarding?

Tony Hawk does snowboarding and bmx.

What are the 3 most popular spectator sports in japan?

BMX, Skateboarding and Surfing

What is better hockey or skateboarding?


Why is skateboarding so cool?

Its better than bmxing and/or fruit booting, those are wack sports, skateboarding is amazing!

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