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Q: Is skateboarding an extreme sport
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When and how did Skateboarding become an extreme sport today?

Skateboarding became a extreme sport today by what people did with the sport back when they invented it. The most extreme way of skateboarding is by vert skating. Which by the most part is showed the most by Tony Hawk, a professional vert skater. ----

What is more popular skateboarding or baseball?

Baseball. It's Americas sport although skateboarding is one of the most popular extreme sports

Who made skateboarding a sport?

Skateboarding is NOT a sport.

Is skate boarding a sport?

Yes. Skateboarding is whats called an Extreme Sport. Is was going to be an official Olympics sport, although it got changed.

How is skateboarding a sport?

Its not <----FAIL Skateboarding is a sport

Which was extreme sport banned in Norway from 1978 to 1987?

Skateboarding was banned in norway.Skateboarding was banned in norway.

If skateboarding is an extreme sport how come it's not an Olympic sport?

The Olympic committee has not yet chosen it as an Olympic sport. There would have to be judges that could define what was the best in the sport. Since snow boarding is now part of the Olympics, it is highly likely we will see skateboarding as part of the summer Olympics soon.

Is skateboarding actually a sport?

Yes, skateboarding is a sport because the definition of sport is a competive action as singular person or a team so when you enter a skateboarding tourni (like tony hawk) Skate boarding is a sport!

Is skateboarding an activity or a sport?

Both - skateboarding is popular with children, and so too are skateboarding competitions.

How many people think that skateboarding is not a sport?

Type your answer here... 4.3 thousand people think that skateboarding is not a sport

Are there any skateboarding lessons in norwich?

No, there are no such things as skateboarding lessons because skateboarding is not a sport it is a lifestyle and is individual.

When did skateboarding become a professional sport?

=Skateboarding became a professional sport in the late 1960's==Hope this helps you =p=

What sport is downhill skateboarding?


What is Bart's favorite sport?


What is selana's favorite sport?


What sport was banned in Norway from 1978 - 1987?

it was skateboarding. norway banned skateboarding at this time

Is skateboarding cool?

Although not everyone will agree, skateboarding is a sport that has a reputation for being cool.

What is more popular skateboarding or basketball?

Basketball is a more widely played sport but I guess its whoever you talk to Skateboarding is much more popular than basketball because I ask people what is your favorite sport between basketball or skateboarding and they say skateboarding.

Which extreme sport is better skateboarding or bmx?

It is based on personal opinion and ability:It's skateboarding, the best extreme sport in the world and it will always be!Skateboarding is the best. BMX is fun but not near as popular and is hundreds of dollars more expensiveSkating is 20 times better.BMX is way better, the only reason anyone likes skateboarding is because they are too afraid to ride BMX.

What is lil Wayne's favortie sport?

According to him, his favorite sport is skateboarding.

Opinions on whether skateboarding should be an Olympic sport?

It is an Olympic sport

Is skateboarding a sport?

yessss!!!Yes, skateboarding is a sport because you get physical activity:-)

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