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Maybe 10 to 30 a day, so alot skateboarders may be hurt a year

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Q: How many skateboarders get hurt each year?
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How many skateboarders die each year?


How many skateboarders go pro every year?

two and a half.

How many people get hurt changing a tire each year?

There is not any official data as to how many people get hurt each year changing a tire. Many people may not get hurt enough to seek medical attention.

How many firefighters are hurt in wildfires each year?

About 64,000

How many workers get hurt in Ontario each year?


How many children get hurt by fireworks each year?

23 million

How many hockey players get hurt every year?

how many hockey player get hurt from a body check each game

How many kids get hurt from riding a bike each year?

usally no kids get hurt by riding a biycicale

How much do professinials skateboarders get?

Professinials skateboarders get over 9000 dollars a year.

How much skateboarders get paid a year?

It depends on their sponsors.

How many kids get hurt doing sports each year?

about 20 to 50% just look at football they get hurt all the time.

How many people are hurt each year due to gangs?

there are about a thousand people who dei from gangs

How many skateboarders are killed in nsw per year?

Approxamitely 42 skateboarders in News South Wales are killed each year in News South Wales. Whether it be by a fatal accident from a trick, murder or a on road accident. Skateboarders have to be more careful people, as they can get very carried away in trying out a new stunt, they have to make sure that before the performance of the trick, they are wearing the correct safety gear and know that if they fall it will not be too bad.

How many people got killed by earthquake each year?

over 1000 people got hurt

How many cage fighters get injured each year?

None. Punches and kicks dont hurt people.

How much salary do Professional Skateboarders make each year?

A Pro Skateboarder can make anything from 1,500 a month to 5,000 a month it depends on: who you're sponsored by, who good you are, how many competitions you enter.Answer2000 a month 24 thousand a year

How many people each year get hurt because of dog fighting?

I don't care if the dog trainers get hurt, Apart from them, over 100 people each year are harmed or killed because owners are training their dogs to be like that towards other dogs, mainly children are hurt!

How many people get hurt by tornadoes?

Each year in the United sates tornadoes cause an average of about 1,500 injuries.

Why do so many people die each year?

From old age!!!! They hurt the falafal kinng's feelings so he had them executed.

How many competitions are pro skateboarders in each year?

pro skaters make most of their money off there sponsors or clothing companies. The purpose of competitions are pretty much to advertise your name and your sponsor. If you are good, you get better sponsors!!!

What animals get hurt each year?

First of all you spelled hurt wrong, i changed it. But every animal gets hurt, dogs cats, lions , and many other animals. So yeah every animal.

How many dogs are injured each year because of dog fighting?

all dogs that are in dog fights get hurt. help stop it

How many people get hurt each year in bicycle accidents?

About 30,000 people are injured each year while cycling due to informal safety wear like the non use of helmets or knee pads.

How many kids in the US get hurt yearly?

about 200,000 children per year are hurt

How many animals get hurt during animal testing?

It is not known how many animals get hurt during animal testing. Not all facilities that use animal testing make it public, Millions of animals are hurt world wide each year due to animal testing.