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Q: Is shea stadium down
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When was Shea Stadium created?

Shea Stadium was created in 1964.

When did Shea Stadium end?

Shea Stadium ended in 2009.

Is Yankee Stadium bigger than Shea Stadium?

Shea Stadium was bigger than the old Yankee Stadium.

When was Shea Stadium built?

Shea Stadium was built in New York in 1961.

Who built Shea Stadium?

Shea Stadium was built by the New York Mets

Where to stay near Shea stadium?

Shea stadium doesn't exist anymore

Does the Catholic Church own Shea Stadium?

No, the Catholic Church does not own Shea Stadium.

What is the duration of The Beatles at Shea Stadium?

The duration of The Beatles at Shea Stadium is 3000.0 seconds.

When was The Beatles at Shea Stadium created?

The Beatles at Shea Stadium was created on 1966-05-01.

When was Live at Shea Stadium created?

Live at Shea Stadium was created on 2008-10-06.

What year did the jets leave shea stadium?

The New York Jets left Shea Stadium in 1983 and the stadium was demolished in 2009.

Which is bigger Yankee Stadium or Shea Stadium?

Yankee Stadium

Is Shea Stadium still standing?

No they knocked it down before the 2009 season. The new stadium's built right next to where it was and is called Citi Field.

When is Shea Stadium being demolished?

shea stadium is being demolished as we speak. Due to New York state regulations it has to be torn down piece by piece. its was torn down piece by piece since the new citi field was about 40 feet away they were told by ny city that they can not use explosives to tar it down

Where is Shea Stadium?

== == Shea Stadium USED to be located in Flushing Meadow, New York. However, the Mets moved into a new home, Citi Field, in 2009. Shea is now demolished.

How long did it take to build shea stadium?

The ground was broken for the building of Shea Stadium on October 28, 1961 and Shea opened three years later on April 17, 1964

When did the Beatles first play Shea Stadium?

The Beatles played their first concert at New York City at Shea Stadium in 1965.

Where can you find pictures of Shea Stadium?

Go to google and type in Shea Stadium. Once it pops up go up to images and there will be tons.

What was Tom Seaver's career record at Shea Stadium?

Seaver pitched in 199 regular season games, going 101-56, at Shea Stadium. He also went 2-0 in the postseason at Shea

How do you tar down a staduim?

first you rip out every single seat and then all things else if you are using explosives . if you like shea stadium or mile high stadium tearing it down piece by piece then its done diffrently

How much were the Beatles paid for Shea Stadium concert?

It was not revealed how much they were paid, but after 55,000 people saw the Beatles at Shea Stadium, they made $304,000.

What are the dimensions of Boston College's baseball stadium Shea Field?

The dimensions for Shea Field are 330 feet down the left field line, 400 feet to straight away center field and 320 feet down the right field line.

How many times did Yankees play at shea stadium?

The New York Yankees used Shea Stadium as their home field during the 1974, and 1975 season while Yankees Stadium was being renovated.

What stadium do the Mets play in?


When did shea stadium close?