Is shaun white a pro surfer?

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No, he is a pro snowboarder and a pro skateboarder.

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Q: Is shaun white a pro surfer?
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How old was Shaun White when he turned pro in skateboarding?

Shaun White turned pro when he was just 13. He is now 24.

What year did Shaun White go pro?

At age 13

What are the names of pro snowboarders?

Shaun White and a lot more.

Why is Shaun White famous?

snowboarding and skateboardinghes a pro snowboarder and skateboarder

Does Shaun White pro snowboarder have a pierced ear?

He does not have a pierced ear.

What skateboarder has the most medals?

Shaun White who turned pro in 2003 has the most gold medals for skateboarding. White is also a pro snowboarder.

What actors and actresses appeared in Life as a Movie - 2008?

The cast of Life as a Movie - 2008 includes: Chad Bartie as Pro Skateboarder Jake Burton as Pro Snowboarder Shane Dorian as Pro Surfer Dave Downing as Pro Snowboarder Tony Hawk as Pro Skateboarder Jack Johnson as Pro Surfer Yadin Nicol as Pro Surfer Todd Richards as Pro Snowboarder Kalani Robb as Pro Surfer Kelly Slater as Pro Surfer Rizal Tanjung as Pro Surfer Tosh Townend as Pro Skateboarder Benji Weatherley as Pro Surfer Clint Wilson as Young skateboarder

Is Shaun White a professional skate boarder?

yes, he is both a pro skateboarder and snowboarder

When did Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer happen?

Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer happened in 2002.

How old was Shaun White when he became pro?

He turned pro in snowboarding at age 13, and later did the same in skateboarding at the age of 17.

Youngest famous athlete?

Shaun white... Shaun White became sponsored by Burton and turned pro when he was just 13. He currently has 28 medals, 17 of which are gold in Winter X

Why does shaun white not have a pro model?

What year are you talking about, But he has his own 2009 board, its just not called Shaun White board. It has a regular name its called the operator board... silky smooth

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