Is shannon brown dating monica

Updated: 10/23/2022
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According to Shannon Brown's tweet on August 21, 2010 he and Monica in fact is together. That is R&B singer Monica for people that don't know. Below you will find the following tweet from Los Angeles Lakers Champ Shannon Brown:

@ShannonBrown "I write this to set the record straight. Media deception makes unfair and false reports of the truth, and it does not bring out the best in ANYONE. Monica is my girlfriend, confidant and a strong successful women that has been though a lot herself but she is in no way, a home wrecker. As a parent, I understand that parenting requires a partnership with my sons mother however the relationship between us fizzled a long time ago. Thus, never leading up to seven years, engagement or even talks of marriage. As parents, we have to continue to raise our son, and as individuals we both deserve happiness." Thank you for the support and God Bless!


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Q: Is shannon brown dating monica
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