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No. Scuba refers to any form of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. An aqualung is a type of scuba equipment, but a rebreather is also technically scuba equipment, as would any other self contained underwater diving rig. However, surface supplied diving is not regarded as scuba.

In common terms "scuba equipment" is often used as a generic term for diving equipment, so as to include non-breathing apparatus, like a diver's mask or fins.

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Q: Is scuba equipment and an aqualung the same thing?
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Free diving is diving without scuba. Skin diving means diving without a wetsuit or scuba. Since you can free dive without a wetsuit they can be the same thing but they are not necessarily always the same thing.

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Not necessarily. It just depends on what someone means. Scuba diving is only when you use a scuba tank or cylinder that a diver carries. Deep commercial divers will often get their breathing gas supplied to them through a long umbilical hose ... so they are attached and do not carry Self Contained equipment that they can swim with like a SCUBA (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) diver.

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What happens to a man's lungs scuba diving at 30 ft?

The scuba regulator is supposed to keep the lungs at normal size; but you only have to move half as much "air" to move the same number of molecules.

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