Is scootering a bad sport

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It's pretty much your opinion. Some people like to do BMX, others Skateboarding, but do what your best at, and what you like doing. Personally I like scootering, it's easier, and cheaper.

But, I don't think it's an official sport like BMX and Skateboarding. I think you can get sponsored like Dakota Schuetz.

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Q: Is scootering a bad sport
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Is scootering a sport?

Oh ya! You would be absolutely amazed if you knew what people can do on scooters. Scootering is DEFINITELY a sport!

Is scootering a pro sport?

No. Also it is outlawed in many state's Skateparks.

Which one is better skateboarding biking or scootering?

scootering vs. skateboarding I have to say, Scootering is safer because it has a handle bar and Skateboarding is not. It is also noisy while Pro Scooters (not *%*&@!# razors) are smooth and silent. Skateboarding is not necessarly harder than scootering but scootering is alot better.

What is the definition of scootering?

It means there is a scooter and you ride it

Which sport is better bmx or scooter?

BMX! is a awesome sport but so is scootering like my friend dose both he can do tail whips on his scooter its tight and i know people who can do all kinds of cool tricks on a bike so basicly its a personal discion

What kind of sport is Golfing?

a bad sport

Does anyone in one direction skateboard or longboard?

Liam does scootering!

Is there scootering in the xgames?

yes there was in 2007 and possibly 2008 (scoot on)

What is the best scooter deck for pro freesyle scootering?


What is a name for a sport that is to risky?

a bad man sport

How do you get sponserd by monster energy for scootering?

go on to the monster energy website

Where can a person watch extreme scootering videos?

A Person can watch extreme scootering videos online using sites that provide videos. There are a lot of sites like YouTube or flix. all you need to do is search for it.

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