Is sapient a good snowboard brand?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Absolutely not

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Q: Is sapient a good snowboard brand?
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Is kissmark snowboards a good brand?

I think the best brand is.... Burton. He invented the snowboard.

What are some good Brand names of snowboard helmets?

There are many brand names, Burton and Smith being two. You can read many reviews on this website here:

Is the brand circa a snowboard brand?

No, a children's clothing brand.

What name brand snowboard has A H Newcastle logo?

It is a Newcastle Snowboard.

What snowboard brand starts with an A?


What is a good 138 centimeter twin snowboard for under 100?

There isn't a really worthy snowboard of any size or brand that is under 100 you may get a good Burton 138cm for about $150 or so i believe.

What is a good snowboard brand?

overall i think burten is the best snowboard brand if your a begginer and you dont want to spend a lot of money id go with matrix that was my first board but there r alot of good brands like ride rome ltd and lib tech and lamar

Are sapient bikes good?

Sapient bikes are a wonderful beginner bike for young BMXers.....much better than mongoose but not as good as Sunday

Are GT bikes better than Sapient?

I personally own a 2012 Sapient MX3 and a 2000 GT bump. I must say that I enjoy them about equally. However, if the GT was the current year model, I would probably like It much Better than the sapient. It all depends on what type of Gt or Sapient bike that you buy, but generally, GT bikes are better because they are a much older brand and have much more experience in the BMX world, whereas sapient is brand new. By the way, If you do end up purchasing a sapient, get the MX5, because it is a way better investment than all of the others.

Has anyone heard of a Angel and Devil snowboard?

Nope. nope! is that a brand or a site or a player? Yeah! It is a snowboard brand with good quality.

What brand of snowboard is chelone miller riding in jeep commercial?

Jeremy Jones' snowboard. it's the flagship model:

What is English for sapient?

Sapient is an English word.