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Q: Is sania mirza's husband a Pakistani?
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Who is sania saedi?

sania is a Arabic name or Pakistani

Is sania mirza married?

Sania Mirza married Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

Who is the spouse of Sania Mirza?

Shoaib Malik Pakistani Cricketer

Sania Mirza recently got married to which former Pakistani Cricket Captain?

Shoaib Malik.

What is the name of sania mirza husband?

Shoaib Malik

What actors and actresses appeared in Mirzas Birthday - 2011?

The cast of Mirzas Birthday - 2011 includes: Viktor Barbakadze Elene Ramishvili Guga Sulkhanishvili

How do you divorce your pakistani husband if he lives in pakistan and you live in england?

Under the Muslim Family Law ordinance 1961, a woman sitting in England can get divorce from her Pakistani husband khual case in Pakistani Family Court. For this purpose you will appoint Special Power of Attorney who will work on your behalf file the ( Khulla ) in Pakistani Court. You will get divorce ( Khulla ) in 4 to 5 months from Pakistani Court.

What do call penis in urdu?

"Lund" is what my Pakistani husband told me! ;)

What is the actual name of sania mirza?


What is sania mirza religion?

Sania Mirza is a Muslim by religion.

When was Sania Khan born?

Sania Khan was born in 1985.

How tall is Sania Johnson?

Sania Johnson is 5' 3".

Vital statistics of Sania Mirza?

Vital statistics of Sania Mirza?

Where was Sania Mirza born?

Sania Mirza was born in Mumbai, India.

Who is Sania Mirza?

Sania Mirza is a Muslim female tennis player of India.

How many sisters and brothers Sania Mirza have?

Sania has one sister, Anam.

Who is the boyfriend of sania?

Sania Mirza is engaged to her family friend Shohrab Mirza.

When was Sania Mirza born?

Sania Mirza was born on November 15, 1986.

What is Sania Mirza's birthday?

Sania Mirza was born on November 15, 1986.

What are Sania Mirza's hobbies?

One of Sania Mirza's hobbies is reading books.

The first Indian woman to register a win in Wimbledon Lawn Tennis?

Sania Mirza

What is the meaning of the Muslim name Sania?

The name Sania means: one who is brilliant and radiant.

How does sania mirza look like?

sania mirza looks like a sports person.

Is Sania Mirza Telugu?

Sania Mirza is NOT a telugu. She is a Muslim, Urdu speaking Hyderabadi!!!

Where is sania mirza now a days?

Defenitely her tennis career has come to an end. So is her Pakistani man's cricket career. Hence would plan for a homely job... But not seen or heard for a long time now.