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Q: Is sanders the football player black?
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What did Deion Sanders do for a living?

he was a football player

Is the football player Barry Sanders dead?

No, Barry Sanders is alive and well.

Barry Sanders kids?

Professional football player Barry Sanders has four children. Their names are Barry Sanders Jr., Nicholas Sanders, Nigel Sanders, and Noah Sanders.

Who is the greatest football player of all-time?

Deion Sanders

Who is the fastest player to ever play football at FSU?

Deion Sanders

Who is the nfl football player on direct tv commercial?

Deion sanders

Who is the most Famous American football player in the 1960's?

deoin sanders

Why was Barry Sanders important person to kansas?

because he was a famous football player

What player scored the most points in one season of college football?

Barry sanders

Who is the football player on the direct tv commercial for direct connect?

Dion Sanders. "Primetime"

Who is the football player who's playing an angel in the direct tv commercial?

Dion Sanders

Where did Bob Sanders attend college?

Bob Sanders, who was a football player, attended school at the University of Iowa.While he was there, he played all 4 years as a college football star for the University of Iowa.

Who is the black football player in the sprint commercial?

An actor, not a real football player

When was Ken Sanders - American football - born?

Ken Sanders - American football - was born in 1950.

How fast did deon sanders run the 40 yard dash?

Deon Sanders was a former professional football player and baseball player. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.27 seconds.

Who was the first black football player to play football in the Michigan?

your racist.

When was Steve Sanders - American football - born?

Steve Sanders - American football - was born on 1982-12-23.

When was Thomas Sanders - American football - born?

Thomas Sanders - American football - was born on 1962-01-04.

When was Daniel Sanders - American football - born?

Daniel Sanders - American football - was born on 1986-02-03.

Who was the first black football player?

Fritz Pollard

Which football player is nicknamed Black Pearl?


Does Deion Sanders still play football?


When did Barry Sanders retire from football?


Who was the first black football player to play football for Indiana University?

mahatma gandhi

Who was first black football player in Canadian Football Hall of fame?

Warren moon