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no. he is a right handed batsman

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โˆ™ 2011-06-07 12:27:13
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Q: Is sachin left handed batsman
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The best ever left handed batsman for England?

The best ever left handed batsman in England is Sturss (Captain)

Is Brian Lara a left or right handed batsman?

Brian Lara bats left-handed but pitches right-handed.

Is sachin tendulkar is a batsman?

Sachin Tendulkar, is one of the most greatest batsmen the cricketing world has ever seen. He has the maximum records to his name. And is considered the father of cricket.. In India he is known as the MASTER BLASTER !!!

Is Brian Lara a better batsman than Sachin Tendulkar?

sachin is the best batsman ever born

Who is a left handed batsman in the India cricket team?

Gautam gambir

Which batsman is best?

sachin tendulkar

Who is the biggest batsman in the world?


What is offside in cricket?

From the point of view of a right-handed batsman facing the bowler, the right hand side of the cricket field (being to the bowler's left). With a left-handed batsman the off side is to the batter's left. Off side is the side they are facing.

What is Chinaman in cricket?

A ''chinaman'' is a ball bowled by a left-handed bowler to a right-handed batsman that spins from off to leg

Which left handed batsman has scored the most test runs for England?

David Gower

Who is India's star batsman?

Sachin Tendulka.

What is in off in cricket?

Your question cannot be understood, but if you are asking what is "Off Side in the game of Cricket" , the answer is: For a right handed batsman, the off side is to his right as he faces the bowler. For a left handed batsman, the off side is to his left as he faces the bowler.

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