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Its easy to learn the rules, but diffcult to play.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-17 22:38:24
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Q: Is rugby easy or difficult to learn?
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Between YouTube and W3schools it is easy to learn but that's my personal opinion.

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ENGLISH easy to learn

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It is difficult to start but once you learn is very easy to jump into any boat and sail. It is a lifetime sport or leisure.

Is bharatanatyam junior exam difficult?

It is not so difficult, if you learn it briefy or if you have so much inteest, it will be easy !

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Every language is difficult to learn and takes time to fully be accustomed to it.

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Generally, yes. The french horn is easy to learn, but difficult to play well.

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It is not difficult to learn how to fly radio controlled jets. You need to go to school to get your pilot's license. With proper training and experience it would be easy to learn.

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For some people, algebra is ,fun and easy. For others, it's quite difficult. It depends on how you learn how it's done.

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What is the most difficult sport?


Where can one learn rugby coaching skills?

One can learn rugby coaching skills by watching rugby games and observing the coaches on the sideline. There are also many books on rugby coaching on Amazon.

Where can one learn about the rugby world?

"One can learn about the Rugby World by attending the Rugby World Cup. The Rugby World Cup is the international rugby union competition, where the teams are competing to win the William Webb Ellis Cup."

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