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In the sport of rowing, you can have both team and individual events.

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Q: Is rowing a team sport
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Is there another words for rowing team?

A rowing team is also called a crew (as is the sport itself).

What is a crew team?

A crew team refers to a group of athletes involved in the sport of rowing.

In which sport do all members of the team except one always move backwards?


What is the french word for the sport of rowing?

The French for the sport rowing is "aviron"

Is rowing a hard sport?

YES! Rowing is a hard sport, but it's also a fun sport.

Why did you start rowing?

I started rowing because of the great physical shape you get in, the team companionship, and the wonderful college scholarship opportunities. It is a great sport that you should join.

In which sport does the winning team move backwards?

Maybe rowing? Although the cox faces forwards.

What is more of a sport dancing or rowing?


Is rowing crew considered a sport?

Rowing Crew is definitely considered a sport. It is a sport at the high school and even the collegiate level.

When was rowing introduced into the Olympic games?

Rowing was the second sport added to the Olympics. Second only to the marathon, rowing was introduced at the 1896 Games in Athens.Rowing has been an Olympic sport since the 1896 but was canceled from bad weatherRowing debuted as an Olympic sport at the 1900 Games in Paris.

What is team rowing called?

it isn't team rowing - you just call it rowing in a crew

Which sport has regatta?

Rowing is the sport which involves Regattas.

What sport has coxswain?


Is rowing a sport?


Catch a crab term is used in which sport?


Which sport do you go backwards to win?

The sports that you can win by going backwards are backstroke and rowing

What is the oldest American college sport still in existence?

Rowing (Crew). The First Collegiate team in America was the Yale University Men's Crew

What real sport starts with q?

Quad Four ( A rowing Sport)

What sport would you find a coxswain in?

In the sport of rowing.

What sport did Helen Glover take part in?


What is a rowing team?

A team of rowers...

What is the technical name for the sport of rowing?

A word often associated with the sport of rowing, is sculling. This is a method of using oars to propel watercraft.A form of rowing is two-oared sculling. Another form is sweep rowing, in which a rower has only one oar.

What is a sport that has 6 letters and has a w?


What sport did James Thompkins compete in?


What sport do the swindell twins play?