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Q: Is ronaldinho one of the best soccer players?
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Ronaldinho where is he from?

ronaldinho is from brasil even if he doesent play for brasil no more now that he retired but he still plays for flamengo football club ronaldinho was like if he had magic in his feet he was one of the best soccer players in history

What is the religion of the ronaldinho?

Ronaldinho is one of the most popular soccer players of all-time. He revealed that he is a Catholic but did not say how devoted he is to religion.

Is Javier Chicharito Hernandez one of the best soccer players?

he is one of the best soccer players

Who is the best soccer player for 2010?

Messi is the top one but there's still other good players like Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Dos Santos, and so on.

Was ronaldinho a poor kid?

No. Ronaldinho was very very wealthy as a kid. At 6 he witnessed the death of his own father and promised to go on with his soccer passion for him. With the money to hire a trainer, he eventually became very famous and known as one of the best players in soccer history.

What is Ronaldinho most famous for?

Christian Ronaldinho is said to be one of the best football players in the world. He is also knownn as one of the most marketable athletes in Europe.

Who is Kenny Loja?

He is one of the Best Players in Soccer

Who is one of the best Australian soccer players?

Tim Cahill

Who is the lord of soccer?

ronaldinho, pele, maradona - any one of those

Why is Cristiano Ronaldo famouse?

One of the best soccer players in the world

Is William breeden a good soccer player?

William Breeden was one of the best soccer players ever.

Who are the best soccer players and where are they from?

The best soccer player is Pele. He is from Brazil. Brazil usually have a lot of talented soccer players. They have won five FIFA World Cup titles, which is currently the most by one country.

Why do you abmire mia hamm?

She is one of the best female soccer players ever.

Who is the best soccer player in the Philippines?

Exequel Garcila is for sure one of the best soccer players I have seen, and I also think that he is the greatest soccer player of the Philippines no doubt about it.

Who is the best free kick taker in the world in soccer?

Right now, probably Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldinho would be one. Roberto Carlos used to be the best in the world.

Who was the best soccer player in history?

Messi Etoo Ronaldino Henry Ibrahimovic Raul Becham Those R the best soccer players that's not true my dad said most of the best players are retired like Diego Maradona! Henry-no, ibrahimovic- nah, raul- i don't know who that is, beckham- not really, messi- hes good but, etoo- nope, ronaldinho- maybe. there is also Cristiano ronaldo one of the best portugesse soccer player messi little but not to the top yet c.ronaldo is one of the best that's my opinion what's yours please answer

What are Cristiano Ronaldo's body stats?

I'm looking for the best body stats of a soccer player. As Chstiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players, he is supposed to have the best body stats for soccer.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo successful?

Yes he's one of the best soccer players in the world

How do you play like ronaldinho?

by practicing hard work and ronaldinho is only one and no one can become like him he is the best

What are Mia Hamm accomplishments?

She was one of the best and most dedicated female soccer players of her time.

What famous soccer players wear 10?

Messi is the only one you have to know about he is the best one to wear #10

What can one find on the german Epic Soccer website?

On the German Epic Soccer website, one can get training for soccer as this has been ranked the best online soccer training arena that trains thousands of game changing soccer players.

Why is Mia hamm well known?

She is known as one of the best soccer players in history. She led the us Women's soccer team to the Olympics.

Which soccer players wore the number 9?

Many of them. The majority of "9" numbers is worn by strikers, such as Ronaldo (fat one). Number 10 is usually for playmakers such as totti, j. Cole, Arshavin, Ronaldinho

Who are famous Brazilian sports players?

Pele Ronaldinho Ronaldo (the fat one) Rivaldo Kaka