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The Olympics in 2010 will be in Vancouver and it will be Winter Olympics. It is not yet determined where the next Olympics will be further than 2012, which will be held in London. Rhythmic gymnastics, is a form of gymnastics, just like artistic gymnastics is. With rhythmic you are performing with ribbon, balls, pins, and hoops. It is more about grace than with artistic gymnastics.

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Q: Is rhythmic gymnastics or gymnastics better for the 2010 Olympics for Singapore?
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Do you like rhythmic gymnastics or artistic gymnastics?

I definitly like rhythmic gymnastics better. the girls are more graceful, flexible, and overall talented.

Why do people call gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics?

There are two main kinds of gymnastics. One is artistic gymnastics, which is far better known than rhythmic, and is the type of gymnastics that athletes such as Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, and Nastia Liukin have participated in. The second is rhythmic gymnastics, and: They call it rhythmic gymnastics because the routines are done to a rhythm of classical, jazz, blues, or rock music. There is also trampoline, but it is even less well known than rhythmic...

Where you will get a sports shop in which you can find rhythmic gymnastics things?

rhythmic gymnastics equipment shops are very "rare" so you are better off ordering them online as there are a wider variety and in most cases are cheaper. online stores include pastorelli rsg=Germany sasaki=japan sport soleil= ?? amco= austrailia

Is 5'1 too short for rhythmic gymnastics?

no. it's actually better if your shorter. you can keep things longer and you should be more flexible than taller people. :) good luck .

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Yes, gymnastics may be better than cheerleading for you, or vice versa, but that's your question to answer. If you are a cheerleading fan/cheerleader, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say cheerleading is better than gymnastics. But if you're a gymnastics fan/gymnast, then OBVIOUSLY you're gonna say gymnastics is better than cheerleading. It's up to you of what YOU think.

How old is too old to start gymnastics with a possibility of going to the Olympics if you have had prior training?

well i think 15 is to late because if your 11 12 or younger you get a better start but younger than 11 12 will be much better; 15 is too old to start because about when your 18 you start and 3 years is not enough; The above would be true for ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS but not so much so for other Gymnastics sports (there are Seven competitive Gymnastic Sports) of which many are NOT Olympic sports. BUTTT.. they are amazing sports, highly contested thru out the world and have a very viable WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS event. List Olympic Sports- Trampoline, Rhythmic, along with the two you know.... Men's and Woman's Artistic. Non-Olympic: Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Group Gymnastics, Aerobic Gymnastics. I would Say TnT or Acro would be your best bet if your in the USA to get to a world level if you are older.

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How to be better at Gymnastics?

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Can you still do gymnastics at age 11?

You can do gymnastics for as long as you like as long as your not putting your body at risk. A lot of people think they can't start gymnastics at a late age because they won't make it to the Olympics or whatever, but if your doing it to have fun or even if you have that dream it's better to give it a go rather than not; you could get really good!

Is gymnastics better then every sport?

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Why do guys not listen to music in gymnastics?

their gymnastics floor isn't exactly supposed to be graceful, but in women's gymnastics, grace makes all the better!

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How wide is a gymnastics beam?

4 or 5 inches. 4 if you're "better" or more advanced. 5 if your starting or "not very good." The people in the Olympics use a beam that is 4 inches wide.

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