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Q: Is red nose a good bran for a skateboard?
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Red nose pitbull that coat is brindle is it still considered a red nose pitbull?

There is a good amount of red brindle red nose around. They are concirered pitbulls of a red line or shortly put, red nosed.

What is a good Costume for red nose day?

red all over ( including hair)

How do use the phrase red nose in sentence?

Everyone knows the reindeer Rudolph has a red nose. Santa's big red nose was redder after he was out in the cold.

Why is nose red?

rudulph the red nose reindeer..

Is Mason bloodline a blue nose or red nose pit bull?

red nose

Does chip have the red nose or does dale?

Dale has a red nose.

Can a lab have a red nose?

Yes, but a good bred lab shouldn't have one.

What is a red nose pitbull?

A red nose pit is just that, a pitbull with a red nose. The nose of any normal dog will most of the time, be black. A red nose pit, however, will have a "red" nose. Not like Rudolph red, or cherry red, but more of a tan color, and normally have a bit of red on his/her lip skin and under his/her chin.

Where can you get a red nose?

You can get a red nose anywhere if you have a cold and and use a lot of tissue to blow your nose.

What special features do a red nose pit bull have?

a red nose

What is name of a movie about a dog with a red nose?

red dog nose

Is a colby mixed with a red nose a good breed?

It would bring a good breed indeed.

How can you tell the difference between a blue nose and a red nose pitbull?

It's self explanatory. A blue nose has a blue/gray nose and skin pigment. A red nose has a red/brown nose and skin pigment.

Why is it called Red Nose Day?

because you wear a red nosebecause you wear a red nose.

What was Rudolphs red nose called on christma eve?

Rudolph's red nose.

What are the noses called comic relif?

Red Nose as in "Red Nose Day".

What is the astronaut red nose called for red nose day 2015?


What makes a rednose pitbull a rednose pitbull?

A Red Nose APBT is defined by it's red nose, red nails, amber eyes.. and often, (but not always), a red coat.BTW, Red Nose and Blue Nose Pit bulls are exactly the same except for the difference in color. Red Nose, Blue Nose, Black nose, etc.. are all colors for dogs, not different breeds.

What is a good name for a red nose pit bull?

rudolph! i named my red nose female. Nia ........ I try to pick a name according to the personality of the dog verse the breed of the dog. - new answer - A guy named his red nose pitbull "Red Rocky". I like that name.

What is the largest red nose pit bull?

Big red kennels has the biggest red nose pitbulls.

Why is rudo lf's ears red?

I think you mean why his nose is red. He was born with a red nose. He doesn't have red ears.

What date will red nose day be in 2013?

It is gonna be on 15th March. Red nose day is a day which you have to dress up in a red nose day clothing or you could wear a nose.

What kind of skateboard does Avril Lavigne ride?

A red one.

Does chip have a red nose or does dale?

Dale has a red nose and Chip has a black one

Can you buy a 2010 red nose online?

yes you can buy a red nose online