Is raw wrestling fake

Updated: 11/19/2022
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Q: Is raw wrestling fake
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Is raw true or fake?

yes If you mean the wrestling program RAW, it is most definitely fake.

Is rvd okay?

yes he is okay TNA is fake and all other wrestling shows like WWE and RAW

What collages have girls wrestling?

wrestling is fake wwe and all wrestling it is all fake.

In wrestling-what does RAW mean?

Raw is a tv show for wrestling

Is wrestling a safe sport?

depends if its fake wrestling like smackdown and raw and all those other things than: YES, yes it is.If it is real wrestling... at times it can be dangerous, but dont worry its safe.

Is tna wrestling fake?

all wrestling is fake now a days

Should fake wrestling be allowed on TV?

If the fake wrestling you are refering to is pro wrestling then the answer is yes. Pro wrestling generates a large audience, just ask USA as they televise WWE Raw. People love watching pro wrestling because it is athletic theater. I'll tell you what should be allowed on TV: Poker! Why the HECK are poker tournaments broadcasted on TV?! Well that is my opinion...

What is the difference between real wrestling and fake?

real wrestling is WWE which can hurt alot but some is fake and TNA is almost entirely fake which is not as sore a real wrestling

How could wrestling be fake if its live?

because it isn't fake those people who say its fake are just some nerds who spend time on watching videos on the perfect angle that is seems to be fake but it isn't if you go life to a match en someone is hitting a chair on hes oponnent's face and the blood is flying around THAT ISNT FAKE . THERE IS A FAKE PART ! the fake part on wrestling is the story's as example : triple h beating of the spirit squad whit Shawn michaels because of that chair around the leg of Shawn THATS FAKE because Shawn michaels is in raw en mr macmahon almost is the boss of raw a couple a story's is for the fun and the kick of the people but normal wrestling is real those guys wrestling is their job its a competition like a football season its a competition is their job thx and sorry 'bout my English

Wrestling is true?

Wrestling is not fake and neither is any of the fights. Nothing about wrestling is fake its merely scripted.

Is wrestling is fake?

WWE wrestling is fake. It;s just for entertainment. but normal wrestlng is a contact sport.

Who said wrestling was fake?

That rumor started a long time ago when a few people said that wrestling was fake, and then it spread and spread, and spread. So basically wrestling being fake RUMORED.