Is rajon rondo the best pg in the nba?

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2011-08-17 18:21:35

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Of Course , No Because Rajon Rando Isn,t Good In 3PT and for that i think Derek Rose , Steve Nash Or Chris Paul is better than him but if we are talkin about Assists The Number One is Rajon Rando...

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2011-08-17 18:21:35
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Q: Is rajon rondo the best pg in the nba?
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Is rajon rondo the best player on Boston?

Yes. In every respect. This is probably because he is one of the smartest point guards in the NBA, while having the athleticism to and savvy that most young pg's in the league don't have.

Who is the best player in the NBA now?

PG - Derrick Rose , Dwayne Wade , Rajon Rondo , Chris Paul C - Dwight Howard SG - Kobe Bryant SF - Lebrom James PF - Carmelo Anthony

Who is celtics starting lineup?

PG- Rajon Rondo SG- Ray Allen SF- Paul Pierce PF- Kevin Garnett C- Kendrick Perkins

Who are the top 5 guards in NBA?

PG: Derrick Rose (MVP,best point guard player) Chris Paul (Best REAL point guard( Rajon Rondo (Good Passer,Triple Double Master) Russel Westbrook (Good Point Guard Scorer and player) Deron Williams (Good shooter,Good real PG) SG: Kobe Bryant (Closest to MJ) Dwyane Wade (Fast clutch player) Joe Johnson (Good shooter) Monta Ellis (Good Finisher) Kevin Martin (Amazing Shooter) There are two different Guards in the game of Basketball Point Guard and Shooting Guard these are Five of each. If there are to put sll guards together it would be 1.Kobe Bryant 2.Derrick Rose 3.Dwyane Wade 4.Chris Paul 5. Rajon Rondo

What is the best position to put your nba 2k11 character?

PG (Point Guard), you can assist easier, run plays, also you can rebound and score.

Which is the best PG for boys in Gurgaon?

Which is the best PG in Gurgaon?

Who Puerto Rico man in NBA?

Carlos Arroyo. PG for the Heat

Who are the top 10 player in nba?

1. Kobe2. LeBron3. DWade4. Dwight5. CP36. Dirk Nowitzki7. Deron Williams8. Tim Duncan9. KG10. Melo

Who should be the starters for 2011 NBA all-star game?

Western All-Stars PG Chris Paul SG Kobe Bryant SF Carmelo Anthony PF Dirk Nowitzki C Pau Gasol Eastern All-Stars PG Rajon Rondo SG Dwayne Wade SF LeBron James PF Amar'e Stoudemire C Dwight Howard If you want the reserves: Western Reserves: PG Deron William/ Russel Westbrook SG Brandon Roy SF Kevin Durant PF Tim Duncan/ Kevin Love C Yoa Ming Eastern Reserves PG Derek Rose SG Ray Allen/ Gilbert Arenas SF Paul Pierce/ Gerald Wallace PF Chris Bosh/ Kevin Garnett C Jokim Noah/ Brook Lopes

What is the best starting lineup in the NBA?

PG - manute bol SG - Dennis rodman SF - spudd webb PF - detlef shrempf C - muggsy bogues

Is your best friends wedding pg rated?

My best friend Wedding (1997) is PG.13

Did john wall go to the NBA?

Yes he did, he is playing for the Washington Wizards and is number 2 and PG.

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