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Yes it is indeed very bad, and it may even end your career as a footballer.

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Q: Is playing soccer when your knee hurts bad is that bad?
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What happenes if a softball hits your knee?

it hurts REALLY bad and it could break your knee cap

Is playing soccer with the flu bad?

yea you can get sicker

Why is playing football bad for your knees?

You get hit alot below the waist and it hurts the joints located there.

What are precautions should you take when playing soccer?

If you get hit in the head with a soccer ball traveling a good speed of 30 miles per hour. You could have a headache. So try NOT to get hit in the head. Right now, I am in gym in my school and we are playing soccer. My advice: DON'T step on the ball. If you'll fall.....hard. If you're playing goalie, try not to land on your elbows or knees, because it hurts really bad. If you hit the ball with your head, you could suffer from a concussion, or walk away without even head trauma. If the ball gets kicked extremely high in the air, DON'T jump and hit it with your head because you will have to get a bag of ice, TRUST ME! IT HURTS!

Is playing on a ps3 bad for your eyes?

Yes it is! every video game is. It hurts your eyes so you cannot see very well. Some people even have to get glasses from playing. But it also hurts your brain. It kills your brain cells.

What happen when you twist your knee?

When you twist your knee you immediately strain a ligament. It can either be a really bad strain or minor strain. This can happen at any time, say youre in the house, playing basketball, soccer, whatever. Your bones scrape together causing extreme pain, and swelling. Then your knee gets into the "bent" position where it feels painful ot straighten again. then you need to go to the hospital and take some x-rays.

Is it bad having bad knee jonits in the knee at the age11?

Yes, because if you have bad knee jonits at the age of 11 then just think what it will be like when your 20. If you have bad knee jonits tell a someone who knows what they are doing.

The other day i fell really hard on my knee. Now I am having troubles kneeling down on that knee and if I press in a specific area it hurts really bad. I haven't gone to a doctor yet. What do I do?

you have a bruise....don't worry it's not life threatening...

So I was playing soccer today and shot the ball in an Uncomfortable position The underneath part of my Right knee started hurting so bad I remained seated for 5 minutes cause I couldn't move my leg?

Could be muscle or tendon strain, you should see a doctor about it, they will tell you for sure and set out a recovery path so you can get back to soccer asap.

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Well First you scream and cry like a little girl. Then you punch a baby in the face because it hurts so bad. Then you eat watermelon that will take the pain away I promise!

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Did Leonardo DiCaprio get a surgery on his knee?

Yes. While he was playing basketball with other celebrities in Santa Monica he fell and sprained his knee. He had to undergo surgery because of a bad sprain. He had a brace on his leg from the top of his ankle to the top of his thigh. He was on crutches. If he had to have a surgery on his knee he must have been on crutches for a month.

What is wrong when the top of the knee hurts when going up stairs?

Probably arthritis, or injury to a ligament or muscle. See your doctor to have it x-rayed to find out for certain, or you just bruised it bad.

Is it bad to play soccer at 97 degrees?

It's bad to play soccer period.

Why does your chest hurts after injecting meth?

Meth is bad for you, it hurts because you are injecting a poison.

Why is toe bashing bad in soccer?

Because you can break your toe! I have been playing soccer since I was 6, everytime I kicked with my toe I either sprained/broke it or got pulled out of the next 2 games.

Can you jump robe with a bad knee?

Yes, but your knee will hurt, and it might get worse.

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Dont i your head in the front. no hurt bad.

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There are no cards......

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