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I wouldn't say it is the best exercise, but it is pretty good.

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Q: Is playing golf the best exercise?
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What are the top golf ball brands?

"Honestly after playing a lot of golf personally, I feel that Nike golf balls are the best. A lot of people think that the Golf Pro Tour makes the best balls though."

Does playing golf help your body?

Golf can help maintain flexibility and be a good source of exercise, especially as one ages. Any sort of physical activity will help your body.

Is golf a flexibility exercise?

No, golf does not need flexibility. More on your arm's strength.

Can't tell whose golf ball is whose?

It is best to mark golf balls with markers before playing a round to avoid confusion.

What is each golf club used for?

playing golf

What has the author Lewis A Yocum written?

Lewis A. Yocum has written: 'Women's exercise guide to better golf' -- subject(s): Exercise for women, Golf

What forms of exercise can you participate in that will help to improve your golf game?

The two areas to focus on include core strength, stability and flexibility to improve on golf game. You need to improve your golf swing power by golf weight training exercise.

How long has tiger wood sbeen playing golf?

He has been playing golf for 30 years

Can you share golf clubs when playing golf together?


What main different between playing tennis and playing golf?

you use a racket and you use a glove for golf

Is golf ball fitting important for your playing ability?

Golf ball fitting definitely influences your ability and potential to play golf. Therefore, it would be very important for you to have the golf ball fitting done properly so that you can play gold at your best.

What is nick's hobbie?

playing golf

What is the best golf company?

the best golf company is either ping or titleist

What is the best golf net in the world?

Swingbox is the best golf net in the world.

Where can my friend get golf lessons online?

The best website there is the golf there it will show you everything you and your friend will need to learn everything there is to know about golf. And you shall find much more information on which you can go by. you can buy the acquired things you need to be all you can be at playing golf.

If you hit your golf ball in the woods and can't play it what do you do?

quit playing golf.

How do you use the word of golf in a sentence?

Marie and her sister like playing golf.

Where are the early Big Break winners now on the Golf Channel?

Playing golf...

Why do people play golf?

Masochism. Seriously, though, because many people enjoy the exercise, challenge and camaraderie of Golf.

Who founded ping golf?

Karsten Solheim was the founder of ping golf. This was the end result of difficulties playing golf.

How much do you need to exercise for golf?

Golf does require athleticism and in turn requires daily exercise. Exercising as little as five minutes, five times a day can greatly increase a golfers game.

Is golf considered a Fitness exercise?

Golf is not consider a healthy hobby. In fact most habitual golfers are overweight. People seeking exercise are advised to find an alternative to golfing such as tennis for instance.

What is the best exercise for the human body?

Walking is the best exercise!

is running an exercise?

The best exercise.

Which kit is best for me because i feel a little bit problem while playing golf?

Top Flite Hct Tour Mens Golf Club Set would be a good kit for you.