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Yes. The sport is officially named Table Tennis though.

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Q: Is ping pong same as table tennis?
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Is pingpong the same as table tennis?

well ping pong is played on a ping pong table so no

What is the difference between table tennis and ping pong?

There is no difference between table tennis and ping pong. Table tennis and ping pong are just different names for the same sport.Table tennis is the official name for the sport, but when it was first invented it's popular name was ping pong. This is due to the sound the objects they used for bats would make.AnswerTable Tennis is the name of the sport played. That is why there isn't ping pong in the olympics. Ping Pong is a brand name that has since become interchangable with the word table tennis in the United States. There are ping pong tables which are used to play table tennis (the brand ping pong) and table tennis tables which are essentially the same thing.

Are table tennis balls the same as ping-pong balls?

"Yes, they are. Table tennis and ping-pong are different names for the same game and use the same small white ball."

Does the us play ping pong for the Olympics?

Yes. They play table tennis which is the same as ping-pong.

Can you compare and contrast tennis and ping pong?

they are pretty much the same rules but table tennis is played on a table and tennis is played on an outdoor court

Is table tennis the same as ping pong?

Yes it's just another word for it.

Is ping pong and table tennis the same sport?

yes yes yes yes yes it uses the same table and the same ball

Do table tennis and ping-pong have the same rules?

Ping-Pong is a USA registered trademark, first developed in the early 1900s by Parker Brothers Inc., and it is now owned by Escalade Sports. Therefore the registered trademark "Ping-Pong" indicates a brand of equipment used to play the sport of table tennis. Ping-Pong is the brand and table tennis is the sport. However, in many places the names are still used interchangeably.

Is there a difference between ping pong and table tennis?

They are two different names for the same thing.

Why is table tennis also called ping pong?

It's called ping pong because of the sound of the ball ping ponging on the table and paddles when hit back and forth. The game was also called "whiff-whaff" for the same reason.

How people play ping pong?

ping pong is the same as table tennis, you serve to your opposing team and hit back when they hit it to you, and remember to hit the ball on the table across the net! :) and the first person to get 11 points wins!

What is sports of China?

China plays the same sports we do, just not as well :)Ping pong/ table tennis

What rules is the answer for can you lose a game in ping pong if it's the last point?

The last point in table tennis (ping pong) is exactly the same as all other points. There are no special rules relating to the last point.

Which ball rolls down a slope faster a ping pong ball or a tennis ball?

tennis ball because a ping pong ball has more air resistance. but in space its the same

Are ping pong balls and tennis balls the same size?

No. Tennis balls are much larger.

What do you mean love in ping pong?

same as in tennis: love means zero

Why is a golf ball heavier than a table tennis ball even though they are the same size?

A ping Pong ball has nothing inside and made of very lightweight plastic

What is used in table tennis?

Table tennis and ping-pong are closely related. Therefore, they use the same general items:A table. (Described as:) A raised platform with a line painted in the middle of your side going away vertically from you to your opponent and a net in the middle of you and your opponent perpendicular to the painted lineA paddleAn extremely light-weight plastic ball (often called a ping-pong ball)

What is a rally in ping pong?

A table tennis rally is the same as a rally in any other racket sport. A rally is a series of "passes" between the players, with players hitting legal shots in turn.

What does a tennis net do in tennis?

The same thing as in ping-pong. If one player does not return the ball over the net, then the other player (or team) gets the point.

What will fall faster a ping pong ball or tennis ball?

They will fall at the same speed once they reach terminal velocity.

What is the difference between the two sides of a ping pong patel?

The differences between the two sides of a ping pong "patel" as you refer to it ( in table tennis terms it is called a "racket") is that the same rubber can be used on both sides...or...two different types can be used. Some types of table tennis rubber are used for more spin while others are used for less spin. Either way, in official competition, one side must be red and the other side black. Red and black were chosen because they are more easily reckonized.

Why is a golf ball havier then a table-tennis ball even though the balls are the same size?

A golf ball has a rubber core along with other things inside of it, while the ping-pong ball is completely hollow and made of plastic.

Does a tennis ball or ping pong ball hit the ground first?

If we drop from the same height,and neglect the air resistance,both hit at once.

What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a basketball?

A ping pong ball will bounce higher then a basketball when dropped at the same height. The transfer of kinetic energy is greater in the lighter ping pong ball.