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Kicking is a violation whether it is done by a defensive player or an offensive player. The kick needs to be intentional. The foot needs to be off the floor.

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Q: Is offensive kicking a violation in basketball?
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What is the name of the kicking violation in basketball?

If a player illegally kicks a ball the referee will call out "kick". that simple.

Is it violation if you were dribbling in basketball and touched the ball with your knee?

No. It is not a violation if the contact with any part of the foot or leg was accidental. If it was intentional then the player is guilty of kicking the ball.

How do you play basketball with your feet?

You can't, not only is it almost physically impossible to play with your feet, it is illegal for the ball to touch your feet in a basketball game, it's called kicking and is a violation.

What happens when you get a back court violation in basketball?

A back court violation when the offensive player with the ball steps behind the half court line after crossing it.

In basketball what is a 3 second violation?

its where a defensive player is in the paint for 3 seconds without guarding an offensive player. It also can refer to a violation when an offensive player is in the paint for 3 seconds straight without leaving that area.

Travelling or doubble-dribbling in basketball?

No, it is a violation in High School rules, Rule 4.29 in the NFHS rule book says "Kicking the ball is intentionally striking it with any part of the leg or foot." The rule book doesn't specify the difference between the offensive or defensive kicking. So any party doing the above action would be called for a violation.

Will an offensive player be called for a 3 second violation if he is straddling the lane?

Yes, it is called an offensive three second violation.

Who usually commits a violation in basketball?

The players.

What is the rule called in basketball that deters offensive players from camping out under the basket?

The three second violation - check out this link ---> It is also called defensive/offensive three in the key.

What is an example of an offensive action?

Kicking a soccer ball into the goal

2 types of penalty in basketball?

Foul and violation.

Is throwing the basketball in the hoop from out of bounds a violation?