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No, offense is not more important than defense in Basketball. There will be nights where your shot will be off, and it will seem like nothing is falling for you. As a player you can't control whether the shots are falling...but you CAN control whether your defense is good or not. Defensive intensity can be regulated, but the number of shots that will fall in the game cannot be controlled. Defense will always be present.

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Q: Is offense more important than defense in basketball?
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Which team offense or defense cannot be inside the free throw lane for more than 3 seconds in basketball game?

The Offensive Team

Which is most important to an NFL team offense defense or special teams?

All three are equally important. It only takes one play to change the makeup of a game, to score the points that eventually win the game, or give up the points that eventually lose the game. Since the offense and defense play more than the special teams it could be said that offense and defense are more important because they have more chances to make plays that determine the outcome of the game. But one need think no further than Devin Hester to realize that special teams can influence the outcome of a game just as much as the offense and defense.

In basketball what is the triangle offense?

It is an offense in basketball that the Los Angeles Lakers run. To find out more go to

Meaning of Zone defense?

In basketball, the two types of defense a team mostly plays are called man-to-man and zone. The man-to-man defense is where the responsibility of a player on defense is to guard a player on the offense. In the zone defense, the responsibility of the player on defense is to patrol a specific area, or zone, of the court. Click on the 'Zone Defense' link on this page to read an article to learn more.

What do defense do in football?

The defenses whole object of the game is to not let the offense score the more defense the team plays the more you have a chance of winning

Who is better the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Atlanta Falcons?

Steelers, great defense and strong offense. The Falcons struggle on D and Matt Ryan needs more help on offense.

What is the job of the center mid?

The job of the center mid is to play the whole field. They go on offense and defense, but they must remember to stay in the middle of the field. If you have only three mids then they are responsible for the offense, defense, and the whole middle of the field. If you have 4 midfielders, then you usually have a offensive mid, and defensive mid. One playing more offense, and one playing more defense. Or you will have one playing right center and one playing left center.

How many players can be o the line of scrimmage?

On the offense, at least seven, though technically you can have more if you wish. On defense there are no requirements.

Who has more points pavel datsyuk or Sidney Crosby?

Pavel Datsyuk is twice the player Crosby will ever be, here's why, Crosby only plays offense while Pav plays offense and defense.

What is one of the four opportunities the offense has to do to gain ten or more yards?

This is accomplished by passing, running, penalty, and recovering what was once a turnover to the defense.

Do defensive football players or offensive football players get hurt more?

Offense Because they get hit the hardest and don't really hit the defense

Should you get FIFA 12?

If you prefer updated squads, a more realistic style of gameplay (including offense and defense), and the newest thing, get FIFA 12.