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On the offense, at least seven, though technically you can have more if you wish. On defense there are no requirements.

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Q: How many players can be o the line of scrimmage?
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Yes, in the Scrimmage kick section, any kick blocked and/or recovered by the kicking team may be advanced. In the definition section (3-27-2 SN2) it states that "The statement, a player may advance, means that he may be a legal rusher [...] an offensive player may forward pass [assuming it is the first pass and the ball hasn't crossed the line of scrimmage]" So in short, yes, you can have a blocked field goal, where the ball never crosses the line of scrimmage and the ball is recovered by the offense and passed for a touchdown. Of course, this also assumes the ball didn't touch an ineligible receiver on the block (like an o-lineman), and only eligible receivers are downfield (usually just the players at the end of the formation). This is the same as a punt, too, btw. FG's and Punts are lumped together as 'scrimmage kicks' in the rule book.

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