Is obama a cubs fan or a sox fan?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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White Sox. He has stated that several times and has thrown out the first pitch for them several times. After the white sox won the World Series in 05 he addressed the Senate about the white sox.

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Q: Is obama a cubs fan or a sox fan?
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Is Snookie a Sox or Cubs fan?

Sox fan

Is Lady Gaga a Sox or Cubs Fan?

sox fan

Is Barack Obama a Red Sox fan or a Yankee fan?

A White Sox fan

Is CM Punk a White Sox or Cubs fan?

he wore a CUBS based attire when Raw was in Chicago so I'd have to venture to guess he's a Cubby fan. He is a hardcore Cubs fan

Who has baseballs biggest fan base?

Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs

Who has the bigger fan base Cubs or White Sox?

The Cubs were the first professional baseball team to be broadcast nationally on television. This fact along with its rich underdog appeal has led to an impressive fan base that is spread throughout the United States and the world.

What is cubs fan?

A fan of the cubs :P

Which baseball team does Barack Obama like?

President Obama's favorite team is the Chicago White Sox. He even invited the team to visit the White House during his first months in office, and honor normally reserved for teams who have won a championship in their sport.

Is Taylor swift a cubs or White Sox?


Have the cubs been around longer than the sox?

the sox were around longer than the cubs. i just think the when the cubs came around the sox just lost some of there players.

Are the White Sox in the same league as the cubs?

No, the White Sox are in the American League, and the Cubs are in the National League.

What World Series did the Cubs and Sox play in?

The Cubs and White Sox met in the 1906 World Series with the White Sox winning 4 games to 2.