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Q: Is nippers in winter too
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What eats nippers?

i have recently learned mullet eats nippers

Where can you purchase nippers?

You can purchase nippers from retailers such as Amazon. Once on the website, type "Nippers" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the items.

Are glo fish fin nippers?

no they are not,I have them with other fish that shouldn't be with fin nippers and they didn't take a nibble!

How does a red rock crab use its nippers?

i dont know.How does a red rock crab use its nippers?

What is the name of small pincers?


What is the name for crab's claws?


What is sea creature with nippers?


What is a tool of the whitesmith?

snips and nippers for cutting

Why do nippers wear speedos?

because there call

Why is the winter too long?

Winter's never too long, love living in Western NY : )

End Nippers used for?

Removing guitar frets.

What sea creature has nippers?

none, no fish at all

What animal has nippers?

A fresh water creature like a crayfish

What is nippers?

'Nippers' has several meanings: 'Cutters' (especially to cut metal or wire) 'Young boys' 'Pincers of a crab or lobster'. Nippers is when you are aged from 5 to 14 and on every Sunday morning you go down to the beach and compete to get into state nippers with your club age group members. or if u don't wanna go to state or ur not competitive you can just go down to meet new friends and just have a go!!

What are cuticle nippers?

According to, cuticle nippers are an essential item for any nail therapistThis is quite correct. Cuticle nippers are used in preparation for any nail treatment. Usually used after the cuticle has been pushed back during a manicure.Professional nail technicians use what's known as cuticle pushers to 'roll back' the cuticle. It is at this stage that we can actually cut off the excess cuticle using the nippers.

Can a pigeon in a cage outside get too cold in the winter?

Yes it is possible that the pigeons could get too cold in winter outside.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Diamond Nippers - 1914?

The cast of The Diamond Nippers - 1914 includes: Max Asher Elsie Cort Louise Fazenda Gale Henry Sam Kaufman

Do nippers Geronimo hears better than English lop rabbits?


How does the weather in japan affect the people who live there?

I think is winter. The winter is too cold.

What fish can live with red eared sliders?

I bet most plecos (armored catfish) can handle living with the little nippers. And anything just too fast for the red ears to catch.

What rhymes with clippers?

Slippers tippersshipperskippahssippers, dippers, tippers, nippers, kippers, ripper

What has the author Bea Dragin written?

Bea Dragin has written: 'Nippers unlimited'

Which is bigger summer or winter Olympic?

probably summer it has more events but winter is gr8 too.

Why is football a fall sport?

Too muddy in spring, too cold in winter, too warm in summer

Why do Russians work in America in summertime?

Why not? :) And in winter too :)