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Q: Is nine wooden pins a bowlers target?
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Bowlers take what at pins before tossing the ball?

Most bowlers thake 3-5 steps before throwing the ball.

What is a variation of nine pins?

Skittles is a variation of nine-pins.

How do you separate steel pins and wooden toothpicks?

Use magnet to separate pins :)

What pins are you supposed to target for a first ball?

Right Handed Shot, target the one (head) and three pins Left Handed Shot, target the one (head) and two pins

Does hobby lobby have wooden clothes pins?

Yes, Hobby Lobby has wooden clothes pins. They carry both types, with and without springs.

What are bowling pins used for?

Besides the obvious (as targets in the sport of bowling), wooden bowling pins have been used for such things as making the bases of lamps, as balusters in a balustrade, and by the police et. al. for target shooting practice.

Bowling alliteration poem can I have on please?

Bountiful bowlers bash big pins badly is a bowling alliteration poem.

Why was bowling originally called'' nine pin''?

There were nine pins used

Why was bowling called nine-pin?

Because they only used nine pins.

Why weigh bowling pins?

Bowling pins are weighed to determine that there is consistency from one pin to the next. It is to keep an even playing field among the bowlers. It is quality assurance provided by the pin manufacturer. To have a sanctioned lane, the pins have little to no variance in weight between them.

What game was available in colonial Massachusetts?

They usually played nine pins and bowls. Nine pins was similar to bowling, and bowls was similar to bocce ball.

What is a common amount of pins in a dot-matrix print head?

It is usually nine pins, going up to twenty-four pins for a better printing result.

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