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Yes New Zealand will be playing at the 2010 world cup.

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Q: Is new Zealand playing in srilanka during the world cup 2011?
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When Srilanka start play world cup cricket?

SriLanka started playing world cup from 1993. a answer by: Venkatesh.

Is christchurch world cup games moved to other cities?

The 2011 world cup is in India, Bangladesh and Srilanka, not in New Zealand.

Is New Zealand playing in the soccer world cup?


What did the New Zealand soldiers eat during the world war 1?


Who was new zealand scared of in World War 2?

The Italians scared New Zealand during World War 2.

Which country hosted the last cricket worldcup?

the icc T20 world cup was played in 2014 and it was hosted by srilanka and the winner were srilanka defeating india in the finals . the ICC cricket world cup was held in 2015 and hosted by australia and new zealand and won by the australian cricket team defeating the new zealand team in the finals

Where is Fiji playing in the RWC 2011?

Fiji is playing Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Which countries were New Zealand's allies during World War 2?

Britan was one of New Zealand's allies in world war 2.

Where next T20 World Cup?


What country will be playing first in the rugby world cup 2011?

Tonga and New Zealand will be playing in the first match.

Who were NZ versing at World War I?

Assuming your talking about New Zealand....nobody. New Zealand was not active during World War 1.

Did Srilanka ever qulified in the FIFA World Cup?


Where is world cup is going of 2011?

May Be srilanka

New zealand in world war 2?

New Zealand Faught alongside Australia During WW2 on the side of the British.

Why the world just ignoring the genocide of Tamils in srilanka?

sadly the world doesn't care!!! but its our duty to help the tamils in srilanka!!! RAISE YOUR VOICE!!!

Who leaded new zealand in world war 2?

Peter Fraser was the pm of New Zealand during WW2 however, New Zealand did not take part in the war.

How big was the New Zealand army during World War 1?


Which country got the cricket world cup 1996?


When did srilanka win its first World Cup in cricket?


Which team lose the world cup 1996 to srilanka?


When is the match of Pakistan vs srilanka in world cup?


Where is twenty 20 world cup in 2011?

There was no T20 world in 2011. It is there in 2012 in Srilanka

Who is new zealand playing against in their first game in 2011 world rugby games?


Did srilanka fight in World War 2?

During WW2 Sri Lanka was Ceylon, a British Protectorate, and as such, Ceylonese people fought on the side of Britain and the Allies.

What country did the strongest man come from during World War 1?

New Zealand