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They are such different games it is not possible to say which is better. It is a matter of personal preference.

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Not if you prefer Rugby

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Q: Is netball better than rugby And why?
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Why netball is better than rugby?

netball is better than rugby because you don't get hurt as badly as you do in rugby. also in rugby you can get tacked and have a broken nose and maybe crack your back, whereas in netball, the worst you can do is brake your knee or ankle

Is rugby better than netball?


Is netball better than rugby?


Is netball better then rugby?

yes Better at what? Netball is not better than Rugby. If you don't know what netball is, all you need to know is that netball is a non-contact sport. Rugby is anything but non-contact. Also netball is played almost exclusivly by women. Which is fine for a sport to be, but it surely doesn't give it the edge over a sport enjoyed by both men and women. I have no idea how something can be better "then" anything else.

Is rugby better than netball why?

Well its depends really, if you are a girl then definitely netball but if you were a boy then probably rugby. I mean netball is a much safer sport because it is non contact and you have to run less than you do in rugby, but rugby is probably more enjoyable to watch. This probably doesn't help but that's my opinion.

Why is soccer is better than netball?

netball is actually better then soccer because it just is

Why is netball better than football?


Why netball is better than soccer?

netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands and netball is better because you can not twist your ancle as easily.Netball is better than soccer because i like to you my hands better than my feet.Netball is also better because you can not twist your ankle as easily

How much do netball players get paid compared to rugby players?


Is rugby league better than rugby union?

Much better than boring Union.

Why is soccer better than netball?

becoz it is

Is soccer better than netball?


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