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Yes you should get it amazing graphics and gameplay

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Q: Is ncaa basketball 10 cool and should i get it?
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Is NCAA Basketball 2010 on Playstation 2?

No there isn't a NCAA Basketball 10 on PS2, but there is one on PS3 and XBOX 360.

Is there going to be an EA sports NCAA basketball 2010 for PS2?

No the last was for NCAA Basketball 09 Release Date:November 17, 2008 NCAA Basketball 10 is only Xbox 360 and PS3

What is the height of a basketball goal in NCAA men's and women's basketball?

10 feet

How tall is an NCAA basketball goal?

10 feet

Is john wall in ncaa 10 basketball?

yes he is

Who is on the cover of NCAA basketball 10?

Blake griffin!!

What is the height of a basketball post?

The regulation height for a NBA and NCAA basketball hoop is 10 feet.

What conf has the most title in NCAA basketball?

PAC 10

How do you change players ncaa basketball 10?

i dont think you can

When will NCAA basketball 11 come out?

NCAA Basketball 10 was the last NCAA Basketball made by EA Sports. EA Sports canceled the making of any more NCAA Basketballs. However, 2K Sports may pick it back up, after letting it go after College Hoops 2K8. But for now (June 7, 2011), the newest (and probably best) version is NCAA Basketball 10 by EA Sports.

What is the height of an NCAA basketball net?

The rim is 10 feet from the floor

Who is the second player in the ncaa basketball 10 shoot around?