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Q: Is nadal going to retire
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Who is better nadal or federer?

firstly federer is going to retire soon so nadal has the chance to win more tournaments. futhermore, nadal is more entertaining and skill full so i would pick nadal :)

Did Rafael Nadal retire?


Is Rafa Nadal still going to play in 2009 Wimbledon?

Rafael Nadal did not play in the 2009 Wimbledon championships due to a knee injury.

Is Rafael Nadal going to win the U.S. Open in 2008?

Rafael Nadal is a very good tennisplayer. He has won Wimbledon 2008. Whether he is going to win the U.S. Open 2008 is the question. We have to wait and see.

When is eve Torres going to retire?

Eve Torres is going to retire on 1/14/13 you don't believe me watch it I am a wwe worker on January 14 she will retire and katiyle is going to win the divas champion and eve will retire watch it

Is Donovan Mcnabb going to retire?

I say he will retire in 2011.

When did Tina turner retire from her singing career?

She has not retire she up and going

When is the American Girl Josefina going to retire?

Josefina will retire in 2012

What year will Webkinz retire?

As far as we know, Webkinz is not going to retire.

Is Joe Torre going to retire when he quits managing the Dodgers?

Yes, Joe Torre is going to retire at the end of the season.

Is Rafael Nadal going to win the us open one day?

He won in 2010.

Does Rafael Nadal have hobbies?

He enjoys football, reading, fishing, and going to the cinema with his friends.

When is Kane going to retire?

Brother I think kane will retire after wrestlemania 33

Is Kim Yuna going to retire?

evontly she will retire but not at any time soon

Is Eminem going to retire?

no it is rumours just going round

Is Rey Mysterio going to retire?

he said on he will retire in about 2012 or 2011 february 27th

Is undertaker going to retire this wrestlmania?

no he will retire after wrestlemania28 and he will keep his streak all the way

Give you a sentence with retire?

She wasn't going to retire yet.They decided to retire to bed for the night.

Who is going to win at WrestleMania 26 the UnderTaker or Shawn Michaels?

Undertaker. He's going 20-0hen going to retire. He has too much pull in the industry. Shawn Michaeeady to retire a

Is 50 going to retire?


Is acdc going to retire?


Is jay z going to retire?


When is Kobe Bryant going to retire?

Kobe Bryant will retire around the age of 34-42

Is lil Wayne going to retire?

Lil Wayne stated that he would retire at the age of 34.

What is Nadal's last name?

His full name is Rafael Nadal. Nadal is his last name.