Is my 400 time good

Updated: 9/27/2023
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So this is kinda awk but idk how to add the part at the bottom that explains things better...msp if you could answer that too. Haha thanks So I'm 12 years old and have only had 10 days of practice on a school track team and ran my first 400m in 1:09. Is that good? Also I'm only 4'10 so I'm short and have short legs! Thanks!

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Q: Is my 400 time good
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What is a good time for 400 yard dash?

high fourties

What is a good time in the 400 meter dash for a 11 year old boy?

1min 10secs should be a good time

Is a 53 a good time for a junior in the 400 meter dash?

its alright

What is a good time for junior high 400 meter relay?

in the 50's

400+400=800 is this good?

yes, 400 + 400 is 800

What is a good time for the 400 m for a girl 4th grade?

1 minute 30 seconds is a great time, 1 minute 40 seconds is good

Im a 14 year old freshmen girl if my 400m time is 1 10 then what should my 800m time be?

I Think That If U Double Your 400 Time And Add About 5 Seconds, That Should Be It! Good Luck. I Run The 400 In The Same Time :D Double it and add 5 seconds? So each lap is 2.5 seconds slower than your 400 PB? More like add 8 seconds to your 400 time and double it, so 2.36.

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How many mph is 400 km?

400 km in what time is missing

What is good time for 14 year old girl 400 mETER?

about 55 to 60 second maybe, i can run it in 56.21 second you

What two numbers multiply to get 400?

There are several answers to this. 10 time 40 equals 400. So does 2 time 200 and others