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no, because mukmuk is a olympic sidekick!

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Q: Is mukmuk one of the Olympic mascots?
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Related questions

Which of the Olympic Mascots are boys?

mukmuk,sumi and quatchi

What is mukmuk?

Mukmuk is the sidekick of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Mascots.(Sumi, Quatchi and Miga.)

What are the names of the Olympic mascots for 2010?

The 3 mascots' names are Sumi, the Animal Spirit, Quatchi, the Sasquatch and Miga, the Sea Bear. The 3 mascots also have a sidekick, Mukmuk. He's only seen in cyberspace. My personal favourite is Mukmuk~

What are the names of the 2010 winter Olympic mascots?

Miga, Sumi, Quatchi and MukMuk but is a sidekick.

What are the three mascots for the 2010 Olympic games?

There are actually four: Quatchi, Miga and Sumi plus their sidekick Mukmuk

Who are the 2010 Vancouver Olympics mascots?

sumi, miga, quatchi, mukmuk

What are the mascots of 2010 winter Olympics?

Sumi,Quatchi Miga and mukmuk are the Mascot's

Is Mukmuk a Olympic mascot?

no. he is a official sidekick

Is the olympic mascot muk muk a boy or a girl?

The Olympic mascot Mukmuk is a girl and if you're wondering, Mukmuk is a marten. A marten looks like a beaver but it is skinnier and has a smaller tail.

When were the first Olympic mascots created?

the offical one was 1968

What are the 2014 Winter Olympic Mascots?

The Sochi 2014 Olympic Mascots are the Polar Bear, the Hare and the Leopard.

How many different mascots are their in the Olympics games?

There are five official mascots for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing ... a fish, panda, antelope, swallow, and Olympic Flame. Click on the 'Olympic Mascots' link below to read about them.

Names of the 2010 Olympic mascots?

the Olympic mascots for the 2010 games are Sumi, Miga, Muk Muk and Quatchi!

What are the 3 official mascots of Vancouver 2010?

It's Miga, Quatchi and Sumi. The sidekick mascot is Mukmuk. There's a fictional story about them.

In the Olympic games what do the mascots represent?

the mascots for each country represent the aanimals or special things about that country and the 5 olympic rings. All shall become one with Mother Russia, da?

Who were the mascots for 2010 Olympics?

The 2010 Olympic mascots are Miga, Sumi, and Quatchi.

What are the 5 mascots for the olympic games 2008?

The mascots are, beibei,jingjing,huanhuan,yingying and nini This are the 5 mascots yayyyyyyyfddsfdgfgdsvgbdfdefd

Is mukmuk a girl or a boy?

mukmuk is a girl

What Olympic traditions are there?

The 1st olympic mascots appeared at the 1972 Munich olympic games.

The Vancouver olympic mascots were inspired by first nations creatures Name the three mascots for the 2010 winter olympic games?

Sumi, Quatchi, and Miga

Do the olympic mascots have cameras in their eyes?

no they do not

Are Olympic mascots important?

they are important.

What is Vancouver british Columbia's mascot?

I don't know... but Mukmuk is the cutest and best mascot, so he should be I don't think Vancouver has a mascot. Can cities have mascots?

What was the mascot for the 1948 Olympic games?

There was none. Mascots were not used until the 1968 Winter games in Grenoble, France. Click on the 'Olympic Games Mascots' link on this page to see the mascots of the Games starting in 1972.

What colors do the 2008 olympic mascots represent?

The same colours as the olympic rings.