Is motocross good

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Motocross is the best sport in the world ti feels great when you are on the track and there are like 30 riders riding in the track lot of action and its better when you are racing all at the starting line whating for the gate to go down. The best sport in the solarsystem

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Q: Is motocross good
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What was the biggest injury in motocross?

there is not good or bad injury in motocross if you get injured and you cant race then its a bad one but if you think you can manage to race then its good lol

What is a good thing about motocross?

it gives you a huge thrill

What is a good motocross team name?


What is a good starter motocross bike?

Honda CRF150R

How do you be a motocross racer?

Practise and practise. Push your self and you will get better and better and then you enter motocross races and if you are good you could get sponsored.

What are some good motocross Helmets?

Arai, Shoei, and D1

What are the differnt types of motocross?

there are many here are some: supercross arena cross motocross freestyle motocross indoor motocross outdoor motocross

How was motocross invinted?

Yes motocross is hard to do you need good muscles and strong ones because you need to as fast as you can to get first over the finish line.

What is a good song for a motocross video?

Red Flag by Billy Talent