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Q: Is montreat Anderson college in N.C. a D1 school?
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Is Weber State University a D1 Basketball team?

It's a D1 College

How do you get a hoop mixtape?

You have to either be a ranked high school basketball star/role player, play D1 college, or be in the NBA.

I'm a junior in high school and run a 2 02 in the 800m run i was wondering what must i run in order to be accepted into a NCAA d1 or d2 college?

you have to run about a 1:50-1:55 to get into a d1 college, and for a d2 about 2:00- 1:55

What percentage of high school athletes play in the college?

less than 4 percent

What percentage of NCAA D1 hockey players are from Canada?

most of the players are from the city of that college. you can't just play for a college team and not go to that college, you have to go to that school, wich most people just go to the school in there city, unless they get a good scholarship for another school.

What is a D1 school?

District 1

What sports did Eric Sullivan play in college?

he was a stud running back for saint marys high school in ohio. played one year and went to jail (rehab) had D1 potential for college

Who is the shortest Middle Linebacker in D1 college?

The shortest D1 LB is Jim Healy, 5'8" and 217 pounds at the University of Connecticut.

Does the MLS recruite from D2 and D3 college levels or just D1?

Mostly D1, unless there are players which truly stand out in D2 or D3.

What state has the second most d1 college football programs?


What is the average salary of a d1 college field hockey coach?


Is Belmont a D1 school?

its really good 100% recomend it