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yes it is dont listen to any one else get it

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โˆ™ 2010-06-09 18:54:16
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Q: Is mod nation racers a good game?
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Is there a game on ds that is like mod nation racers?

i don't think so but there is Mario kart

What is the code to get Ratchet and Clank on Mod Nation Racers for PS3?

go to the Menu and click suck

What is the difference between Littlebigplanet game of the year and Littlebigplanet?

The GOTY comes with some free add-ons like Metal Gear Solid Pack, History costumes, and more. It also comes with a beta to Mod-Nation Racers. The normal LBP just comes with the game and the information packet.

Is garry s mod a game or a mod?

its a game, just called "Garry's mod"

What are the best driving games for ps3?

Mod Nation racers is really good and fun, you can customise your racer, kart ect. But if you want a REAL driving game, buy Gran Turismo 5, it's just amazing, and it looks sooo real! Above all with 3D tv. But buy it only if you want a realistic, long racing game which basically never ends, and if you have a big TV, other wise buy MNR.

How do you mod a PSP game?

you cant mod a psp game

How can you mod red dead redemption?

shame on you for trying to ruin a good game u should get slaped in the face there is no way you can mod it only a hacker or if its on the computer then u can mod it

How do you mod the game?

I mod alll da games

How do you mod warhammer 40k dawn of war?

Usually you drag and drop the mod folder into the Dawn of War game folder. Later you can select the mod by the in game menu tab called "Game Manager". Then select the mod!

Is there any transformer mod?

It depends,on what game do you want the mod?

How do you mod cars in san Andreas xbox?

you get to a mod garage in the game

What are some good terraria mods?

Thorium mod, Calamity mod, Exodus mod, Fargo's mod, GRealm mod, Sacred tools mod, Spirit mod, and Temor mod.

Does Skyrim Elder Scrolls V have nudity?

In the normal game, no. If you mod the game with nudity, then yes. You can only mod the game on the computer though.

What is the best PS3 game?

call of duty 5 Its very hard to say and it depends what kind games you like. My favorite racing game for ps3 is Mod Nation Racers and I can't say my favorite action game is so here is a list: God of War 3 Uncharted 2 Cal of duty black ops Bioshock 2 Assassins creed 2 (assassins creed brother hood is probebly good to but I havent played it) and others!!

What is a good tes iii morrowind mod that will completely change the entire game to make it like a completely different game?

horse armor

How do you create a simple game mod?

Check the link below for a step-by-step article on how to create a simple game mod.

Can you play garrys mod without a valve game?

no because garrys mod requires that you have a game that uses the source engine

Can you mod hummer in gta san Andreas?

yes you can, but you need to mod your game

What is a good minecraft mod that adds food?

I have recently watched Skydoesminecraft Sushi Mod Showcase. That would be a good mod for you. Also with the Food++ mod reviewed by ChimneySwift11 was a great one too

Is it ilegal to mod oblivion?

No, it isn't illegal to mod any game unless it is online or it is a mod to play burnt games.

What happens if you uninstall a mod in oblivion?

nothing but the mod and all its content is removed from game

How do you mod gta iv cars?

You can only mod cars on the pc version of the game

How do get the batmobile in vice city?

You can get a mod for a bat mobile.Download the mod using internet and then use a mod installer to install that car in the game.

Can you get a virus on you system if you mod a game?


How do you get a horse in Minecraft the game?

You have to get a mod

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