Is mickie James ever going to come back to WWE?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Mickie is currently signed with TNA, but there's a good possibility of her returning to WWE in the future.

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Q: Is mickie James ever going to come back to WWE?
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Will Mickie James come back?

Mickie is in TNA right now, but she will probably come back to WWE sometime in the future.

Will Mickie James come back to the WWE anytime soon?

She is currently in TNA so I doubt it.

When did Mickie James' first CD come out?

wwe divas

Why is Mickie James lost?

I don't know y she is lost. but i love mickey. so she want to come back again. By, her fan Mohana.

Does mickie James love wwe?

yes she really does love the wwe she won championships she losed championship but she will love so much she will come back.

Will mickie James come back to wrestling?

She focusing on her music right now BUT she said that she isn't giving up wrestling. It is expected that she'll return to WWE once her album tours are finished.

Is jbl going back to wwe?

No he will not come back.

Did mickie James leave the WWE?

She did leave WWE and now she is on TNA and wants to become the Knockout's champion just watch TNA on spike thursdays but she really doesnt come out on TNA

Is rukia from bleach ever going to come back?

Yes, She does come back XD

Is jetix going to ever come back?

yes it will come back in this year hopefuly