Is mesuet ozil of real Madrid is a Muslim?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Yes, ozil is Muslim

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Q: Is mesuet ozil of real Madrid is a Muslim?
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Is ozil real madrid Jewish?

He's a muslim

Is real Madrid player ozil a Muslim?


How much did real Madrid pay for ozil?

Real Madrid payed € 15 million for Ozil

Who is Muslim players at Chelsea?

Mesut Ozil from Germany, who currently plays for the Spanish premiera La Liga: REAL MADRID. He originally has a Turkish background. Mesut ozil recites the quran after he scores a goal.

Are there any Jewish players in Real Madrid?

OZIL, BENZEMA, DIARA, KHDIRA, LASSANA... That makes at least six Muslim players in real Madrid.

Which league team does Mesut Ozil play for?

real Madrid

Does mesut ozil play for real Madrid?

He plays for Arsenal

Is ozil in fifa soccer 11 by real Madrid?


What team did Ozil the real Madrid player use to play for?

Weder Bremen

What team did mesut ozil play for before real Madrid?

Werder bremen

What nationality is real Madrid player ozio?

There is no Real Madrid player by the name of Ozio. If you mean Mesut Ozil, he if German with Turkish descent.

What was mesut ozil team before singing to real Madrid?

SV Werder Bremen