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Messi is known to be Muslim. Messi was born in Rosario.

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Q: Is messi muslim-
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Did messi be musilm?

messi is a Muslim

When messi became a Muslim?

Messi never became a Muslim that's wrong information !

Is football player MESSI a Muslim?

No he is not a muslim.

What is the evidence that Lionel Messi is still Cristian?

There is none; he is muslim.

Is messi a Muslim?


Is Messi is a Muslim?

No, he is not.

Messi is Muslim?

no he ain't

Is Lionel Messi a Muslim?


Is lional messi a muslim?

no he is not he is catholic

What is Lionel messi relegion?

Islam (Lionel Messi is muslim)

Is messi Muslim or Christian?

he is christian.

Is Lionel messi Christian or Muslim?

He is a Christian.

Messi is a Muslim?

No, because he doesn't worship Allah and his name isn't a Muslim name.

Is messi a Muslim now?

hmmm may be his must be muslim last but is not a muslim becouse he did the christian sign after all his goals

Has Messi become a Muslim?

Yes, and a Shiitte also!

Has Lionel messi muslim?

Leo Messi was born in Argentina, so he is highly likely a Roman catholic, plus he makes a cross when he scores a goal

How can you know is Messi is a Muslim or Christian?

he is a Christian & he always makes a cross after scoring a goal.

What religon had messi?

well....I'm not sure but some people say he is Muslim and some say he is cristian

Is messi Muslim?

Of course NOT! When will some people finally accept that it was just a STUPID rumor! It was born in year 2005. After this Messi did the cross sigh SO often. Like here in year 2009 against BAyern (0:41-0:43)Messi is CHRISTIAN!

Is Lionel messi Muslim?

No. Lionel Messi is a Catholic. According to Islamic News Organizations, he allegedly converted to Islam, but has never made any public announcement about this. These types of organizations are known for repeatedly claiming that celebrities have converted to Islam with minimal to no evidence.

Messi is better than Ronaldo?

Messi is by far the best in the world compared to ronaldo

Who is the best football player in the worldCristiano or Messi?


Who is thiago messi?

Thiago Messi IS Lionel Messi Boy.

Who is richer messi or Ronaldo?


Who is better chicharito or messi?

Messi. No matter where you look Messi is the best