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he is a Christian & he always makes a cross after scoring a goal.

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Q: How can you know is Messi is a Muslim or Christian?
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Is messi Muslim or Christian?

he is christian.

What is the evidence that Lionel Messi is still Cristian?

There is none; he is muslim.

What religion is leonel messi currently?

he's a loyal and will be forever a Buddha

Is Messi is a Muslim?

hmmm may be his must be muslim last but is not a muslim becouse he did the christian sign after all his goals

From where you know if messi convert to Islam or not?

he is a Christian.

Messi is Muslim?

Of course NOT! When will some people finally accept that it was just a STUPID rumor! It was born in year 2005. After this Messi did the cross sigh SO often. Like here in year 2009 against BAyern (0:41-0:43)Messi is CHRISTIAN!

Did messi be musilm?

messi is a Muslim

What is messi religion?

Messi is a Catholic.

When messi became a Muslim?

Messi never became a Muslim that's wrong information !

Is football player MESSI a Muslim?

No he is not a muslim.

Messi is muslem true or fault?

messi is a Christian

Is jayz Muslim?

nobody know it, firt did tell people that he was christian but now they say het is muslim. We don't know..