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yes. but without ronaldo they are not the best. he makes the team.

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Q: Is man utd football club better then Chelsea?
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Who is better Liverpool football club or manchesterunited football club?

Man United

Are Chelsea FC better than Manchester United FC?

This is a very highly debated topic. They are both top Premier League Football Clubs, and their strength in football can change at any time.Note: Man U stands for Manchester United Football Club, and Chelsea for Chelsea Football ClubOutcomes in Games12 April 2011 Man U beat Chelsea 2:123 September 2007 Man U beat Chelsea 2:021 September 2008 Man U drawed with Chelsea 1:1FA community shield final 2010 Man U beat Chelsea 3:1OpinionsAtletico Madrid striker Diego Forlan believes that Chelsea is better than Man U

Is man united the richest football club in the world for the year 2008?

No they are not man city are the richest and Chelsea but man u well why are you supporting them because they are rubbish and Chelsea yo say is the best

Is Chelsea fc any good?

Chelsea Football club is the worst football team and have many rubbish players like John Terry and Frank Lampard. Man-u football club are the Best ever fotballl team as they have the BEST defence in the world and Have the best players in the world, Chelsea in the other hand... are Rubbish

Who do people like best Man United Football Club or Chelsea Football Club?

I personally would say Chelsea because they are in first place and seem to be a better team. They also have a fantastic goalkeeper Petr Chec and a great forward, Didier Drogba. However Man U has Rooney who is currently the best mid-fielder in England---his aggression and hunger to win is really great.

Who is better man you or Chelsea?

Chelsea would

Who is better man united or Chelsea?


Who is the richest football club on pro evolution soccer 2011?

Probably Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, or Man U

Who would win a football match out of Chelsea or Man U?

Chelsea 3:0 Man U

Which club in football is the best?

This is a debatable answer but some candidates are Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Man United, Man City, Ac Milan and Inter Milan.

How many goals did Liverpool Football Club concede in the 20062007 premiership?

Just 27, same as Man Utd, and three more than Chelsea.

How many trophies has Chelsea football club won in football history to date?

201they have won two hundred and one cups but man u have won two thousand and twenty five

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