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No, it is a football club.

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โˆ™ 2012-10-15 06:57:54
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Q: Is man utd a international team?
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Which team is older man utd or man city?

man utd

Is man utd the best football team in the world?


Is man utd the best team in the world?

they are awsome

Who is the best footy team?

Man Utd! #1

Who is better man utd or man city?

well the best team is man utd money wise plusthey r totally awesome

What team knocked man utd out of the league cup?

the clubs that utd got beat in the league cup are chelsea 1-0 man utd liverpool 3-1 man utd man utd 0-1 everton man city 1-1 man utd extra time 2-1 to city arsenal 1-0 man utd newcatsle utd 2-0 man utd man utd 1-4 arsenal semi final man utd lose 4-2 on arrigate chelsea 2-1 man utd west ham 4-0 man utd

What is the worlds best football team?

Man Utd + QPR

Are man utd good?

Obviously, they are the best team in the world

What football team is currently at the top of the premiereship?

man utd

What football team does Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Man utd of course

What football team did christiano ronaldo start at?

his first english team was Man Utd

Who is the best team in FIFA?

In Fifa 09 the best club team is Manchester Utd. and the best international team is Brazil!

Which team beat Chelsea 3-0 before the sunderland defeat of 14th November 2010 and when was that?

man united 2002 last team to do so at stamford bridge UTD UTD UTD

Which premiership team has the most clean sheets in a row?

Man UTd

What team did darron Gibson play for before man utd?


Have man utd got a rugby team?

NO. They are a Football Association club.

What football team on the first football league?

man utd is they you go

What team did roy keane played for before man you?

Man Utd Signed Him From Nottingham Forest

Which club is bigger man city or man utd?

Man utd

Are man utd the best football team in America?

Impossible to answer; ManU is in Europe.

How much do man utd's second team players earn?

louis nani

Which English Soccer team has won the most consecutive championships?

Man Utd.

Which team won the first Premier League title?

Man Utd, in 1993.

Is man utd rubbish?

no they are a great team Chelsea, arsenal and Liverpool are rubbish

What is the best team in fifa 11?

Barcelona,Man UTD,Arsenal or Everton