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No its not fake because it has been used even before wwe

Sorry but yes it is scripted just like WWE and TNA

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โˆ™ 2010-07-30 13:34:16
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Q: Is lucha libre wrestling fake
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Is Lucha Libre AAA fake like wrestling?

"It depends on the venue, system and other factors. Some Lucha Libre is an actual martial arts display and wrestling. Other Lucha Libre performances are just that, performances."

Which is better WWE or Lucha Libre Wrestling?

Lucha Libre wrestling hands down is way better than WWE Wrestling. I'm a fan of WWE wrestling too, but realistically if it wasn't for Lucha Libre wrestling there wouldn't be any cruiserweight wrestlers, due to the fact the majority of cruiserweights in WWE who aren't actual lucha libre wrestlers, tend to copy the lucha libre wrestling style.

How do you say mat wrestling in spanish?

The best word for a Wrestling Mat is "Colchoneta" Wrestling is "lucha" or "Lucha Libre" Mat wrestling is not a proper term. A wrestling mat is "colchoneta de lucha libre."

What is the meaning of 'lucha libre mexicana' in english?

The meaning of 'lucha libre mexicana' in English is 'Mexican wrestling'. Mexican wrestling traditionally involves two men in masks fighting and wrestling in a ring.

What is lucha libre?

The style of wrestling in Mexico

Who made lucha libre wrestling?

There is no sole founder of Lucha Libre wrestling, because several wrestlers helped build lucha libre to what it is today. You got people like Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, Eddie Guerrero(R.I.P.), Chavo Guerrero, Psicosis, La Park, Hunico, Sin Cara, etc. who helped build the whole lucha libre wrestling style.The list goes on, there are so many talented Lucha Libre wrestlers who have helped build that style of wrestling.

Was rey mysterio in lucha libre?

Lucha Libre is a style of wrestling, which is apart of Rey Mysterios wrestling style. His style has always been Lucha Libre & he started out wrestling in Mexico way waaaay before WWE, WcW & ECW. Lucha Libre means free fight or free style wrestling which is widely used in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Rey Mysterio made his debut with the Mexican company AAA at the age of 14 learning the Lucha Libre style from his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr.

What does la lucha libre mean in spanish?

It means "wrestling"

What is wrestling in spanish?

"Lucha libre," which literally translates to "free fight."

What is lucha libre AAA?

Lucha Libre AAA is a freestyle type of wrestling in Mexico. AAA stands for Asistencia Asesoría y Administració, which means Assistance, Consulting, and Administration in spanish.

What does Lucha Libre mean in English?

Lucha => struggle, fighting, wrestling. Libre => free.Generally, la Lucha Libre refers to the latino-americain wrestling. The fighters are masked characters named by a pseudonyme and facing each other in prepared fights.This kind of "wrestling" has nothing to do with the basic and original wrestling.

Will Judas mesias return to tna?

No Mesias has made his priorites in wrestling to Lucha Libre AAA.

What is pro wrestling in spanish?

In Mexico, it is referred to as Lucha Libre, which translated means "free fight".

Where can you learn lucha libre?

Lucha Libre is a very popular style of wrestling that was started in Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba etc...But it is really popular in Mexico and Puerto Rico...

When did Universal Lucha Libre end?

Universal Lucha Libre ended in 1995.

When was Universal Lucha Libre created?

Universal Lucha Libre was created in 1990.

What is the duration of Lucha Libre USA?

The duration of Lucha Libre USA is 3600.0 seconds.

How many pages does The World of Lucha Libre have?

The World of Lucha Libre has 288 pages.

What is Mexico's most liked sport?

Soccer, followed by baseball and basketball. "Lucha libre" wrestling is also popular.

Why isn't lucha libre in WWE?

WWE always favored a more "American" style of wrestling. Sorry, amigo, but it looks like you'll have to deal with Youtube if you want Lucha.

When was The World of Lucha Libre created?

The World of Lucha Libre was created on 2008-10-03.

When did Lucha Libre USA end?

Lucha Libre USA ended on 2011-10-22.

When was Lucha Libre USA created?

Lucha Libre USA was created on 2010-07-16.

Where did lucha libre originate from?


Is Mexican wrestling real?

Lucha Libre is as real as it gets hundred times better than watered down WWF products